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Schalke Vs Mainz Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Schalke Vs Mainz Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Schalke has a new coach!

Dimitrios Gramocis. This is the name of Schalke 's new coach .

Who, if nothing else, at least had almost a week to remember the names of his players.

Of course, Gramocis was also facilitated by the fact that there are currently no other names to remember in Schalke.

Because along with the old coach, the entire technical staff of the team was released.

Together with the sports director and assistant coach. That and fitness instructors.

And the funniest thing is that only now have there been confessions about the players' silent boycott of all team leaders.

I wonder what notorious German stubbornness these people had to endure 23 rounds.

And almost bury the club at 9 points of salvation before agreeing to move out.

However, Schalke's players fought for their goal. Although at the cost of 1-6-16 balance in the Bundesliga.

Now everyone in Gelsenkirchen is waiting to see if they are real men.

It is time to reset all previous Schalke statistics such as mileage of Pernik golf for sale.

The motto is: "Let the counting begin now!"

Mainz is also sunk!

Mainz are a rival for 6 points at the bottom of the Bundesliga standings.

In addition, they are historically the most convenient opponent for the Miners. They beat them in 11 out of 14 matches as hosts in the elite.

Forecast for Schalke - Mainz

It doesn't matter that Mainz are in a momentary rise with 3 wins from their last 6 matches.

They are now placed in a qualitatively new situation that they have not encountered.

  1. Mainz have no way of knowing what strategy Schalke will come up with under the new coach.
  2. Schalke players must, among other things, but most importantly now prove that they are not ankle-deep divas.
  3. Schalke players are very likely to have already met financial requirements. Without such an element, protests do not happen.
  4. Schalke have the advantage of knowing their opponent well.

When, if not now! And against whom, if not against Mainz!

Victory for Schalke and guaranteed value of the bet .

Mathematical forecast:

  • victory for Mainz
  • security: 4/10
  • exact result: 1-2

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Schalke have not won in their last 9 matches, losing 7.
  • Schalke is in a series of 4 losses to First / End as host.
  • There have been over 2.5 goals in the last 5 home games of Schalke.
  • Mainz have won just 1 of their last 7 away games: 1-3-3.
  • Mainz have lost their last 6 away games against Schalke.

Last 5 Schalke matches:

02/27/21 BUN Stuttgart Schalke 5: 1 З
02/20/21 BUN Schalke Dortmund 0: 4 З
02/13/21 BUN Union Berlin Schalke 0: 0 Р
02/06/21 BUN Schalke Leipzig 0: 3 З
02/03/21 DFB Wolfsburg Schalke 1: 0 З

Last 5 Mainz matches:

02/28/21 BUN Mainz Augsburg 0: 1 З
02/20/21 BUN Gladbach Mainz 1: 2 P
02/13/21 BUN Leverkusen Mainz 2: 2 Р
02/06/21 BUN Mainz Union 1: 0 P
01/29/21 BUN Stuttgart Mainz 2: 0 З

Last 5 direct meetings:

11/07/20 BUN Mainz Schalke 2: 2
02/16/20 BUN Mainz Schalke 0: 0
09/20/19 BUN Schalke Mainz 2: 1
02/23/19 BUN Mainz Schalke 3: 0
09/29/18 BUN Schalke Mainz 1: 0

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