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Tomorrow's Predictions

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Tips for Today's Matches are being added...
Kindly check back in the hours of 6:30 AM - 2:00 PM GMT. Don't make any hasty predictions!

NB: We take break when there aren't enough matches for the day due to international tournaments, mid-season break or cup competitions etc.


1960tips Tomorrow's Predictions.

It is never late to start making money. If you have checked today's predictions, you must have seen the high winning rate we recorded. I guess you might have missed that. So unlucky! You still have more chances though.

You can check our tomorrow predictions for more accurate betting tips. If you feel today is already too late, you can start as early as possible tomorrow. Some of our tomorrow predictions are early kick-off, so they have been posted today.

You should check the games and place your bets as soon as possible to avoid missing them. Amongst tomorrow's predictions are midnight games, which have higher chances of making greens for us. Try not to miss it.

The predictions for tomorrow are incomplete as they are still being updated by our team. By tomorrow, we promise they will be fully updated, but you are however advised to make do with the ones available for now.

The reason why we have provided some of tomorrow's games now is that as the games get closer to their kick-off, the odds will begin to reduce. This won't give many returns to some of our subscribers with low stakes.

For example, at the moment, some of the games for tomorrow might be at 2.5 odds, as we draw closer to the kick-off, the odds could have reduced to around 2 odds or even less. This is why it is advisable to place your bets as early as possible.

Are 1960tips Tomorrow predictions sure?

We can assure you that our predictions for tomorrow will record at least a 90% win rate. However, this is not a guarantee for you to stake with more than you can afford to lose.

Just like life itself, a bet comes with risk. Although the risk varies, it is sometimes unpredictable. There are instances where small odds cut tickets and ruin chances of making millions of money from bookies.

You can choose a team for a straight win, they play 3 to nil in the game and the opponent ends up equalizing at extra time. This automatically cuts your selection. The game is lost already.

Even with this, we will tell you games where you should stake very high to avoid regret when we record wins. These are what we call sure games. You can check our tomorrow predictions for some of our sure games. Do not miss it!

So what else are you waiting for? The odds are reducing as you waste more time. Hurry to check our tomorrow predictions for more reliable and quality tips to grow your betting account from little to large.