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Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Chelsea rarely concedes goals!

Every season in the English Premier League there is a team that makes a long and constant trend.

And who of the bettors felt in time, makes good profits from such situations.

The interesting thing is rather why, when they are so obvious, only a few are the ones who use them?

For example, the constant trend of the same Chelsea, but from their last championship season, immediately comes to mind.

Then led by Jose Mourinho.

Anyone who bet on their 19 households in the same way won in over 80% of cases.

Namely, for Victory to zero and Under 2.5 goals.

This is phenomenal familiarity. Which the best professional bettors can only dream of.

There are many who felt in time about the current trend with zero victories for Chelsea since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel.

This trend has no objective reason to stop soon. Even more so in this meeting.

Crystal Palace is finishing the season!

Crystal Palace have a strange habit when they are not threatened with relegation, to literally give it a go.

Remember how in the last 8 matches of last season, ie. right at that moment, they suffered 7 losses in 8 matches.

We are seeing a similar trend now.

Let's look at their xG data . And even for more than 10 meetings back.

A terrible constellation of a poorly productive attack can be seen, exceeding only 2 times xGF ( expected goals ) from 1.00.

Combined with the frankly frivolous 1.8 xGA average per game they allowed each of their opponents.

Forecast for Crystal Palace - Chelsea

The Crystal Palace team is over, at least for me.

To make the prediction as easy as possible, and I hope it is accurate, the strongest defensive team in the Premier League is facing them today.

This is Chelsea's team after the arrival of Thomas Tuchel.

The Blues allowed an average of just 0.6 xGA per game. Which means that their opponents rarely get into dangerous goal situations against them.

I play for the trend with zero wins for Chelsea with almost the maximum bet.

Mathematical prediction

  • victory for Chelsea
  • security: 5/10
  • exact result: 0-2

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Crystal Palace have lost only 1 of their last 6 games: 2-3-1.
  • Palace has recorded 4 clean nets in its last 5 households.
  • Palace have lost their last 6 games against Chelsea.
  • Chelsea have lost just 1 of their last 17 games: 12-4-1.
  • Chelsea have not lost in their last 8 away games: 6-2-0.
  • Chelsea have recorded 8 clean sheets in their last 9 games.
  • He has under 2.5 goals in 11 of Chelsea's last 12 games.
  • Luka Milivojevic has more yellow cards (7) than any other Palace player. N`Golo Kante has 6 for Chelsea.

Last 5 Crystal Palace games:

04/05/21 PL Everton Palace 1: 1 Р
03/13/21 PL Palace West Brom 1: 0 P
03/07/21 PL Tottenham Palace 4: 1 З
03.03.21 PL Palace Man Yun 0: 0 Р
02/28/21 PL Palace Fulham 0: 0 Р

Chelsea's last 5 games:

04/07/21 SHL Porto Chelsea 0: 2 P
04/03/21 PL Chelsea West Brom 2: 5 З
03/21/21 FA Chelsea Sheffield 2: 0 P
03/17/21 SHL Chelsea Atletico 2: 0 P
03/13/21 PL Leeds Chelsea 0: 0 Р

Last 5 direct meetings:

10/03/20 PL Chelsea Palace 4: 0
07.07.20 PL Palace Chelsea 2: 3
11/09/19 PL Chelsea Palace 2: 0
12/30/18 PL Palace Chelsea 0: 1
11/04/18 PL Chelsea Palace 3: 1

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