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Unprecedented situation: Di Maria replaced due to a robbery in his home

Unprecedented situation: Di Maria replaced due to a robbery in his home

An unprecedented situation occurred during the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Nantes in the 29th round of Ligue 1, on Sunday night. In the 60th minute of the match, the sporting director of Paris Leonardo went down on the field to announce something to head coach Mauricio Pochettino. Angel Di Maria was replaced two minutes later, and the reason for his expulsion was due to a robbery in the house of the Argentine. His wife and children were taken hostage.

He honorably kept his composure and after the shift, together with Leonardo, they accompanied Di Maria to the locker room. Minutes later, the PSG coach returned to the sidelines alone and continued to give instructions.

At the same time, Leonardo informed Di Maria that bandits had broken into the player's home.

Di Maria's family was initially detained while the robbery was carried out, but the information is that the family members of the Argentine football player are fine and do not have any physical injuries.

This is not the first time Di Maria has faced such a situation. When he wore the Manchester United shirt, his home was also looted. A moment that left its mark on his wife, who removed all her social media accounts and deleted all photos of their home. They also moved out and went to live in a hotel until they found a new house.

Leonardo himself admitted after the match that it was a robbery, but members of Di Maria's family were held hostage.

"There are situations that you know go beyond football. Everything must be taken into account, "Pochettino explained after the match against Nantes, which PSG lost. "This is not an excuse, but there has been a decline in our energy."

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