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The Super League teams won the case with UEFA

The Super League teams won the case with UEFA

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have issued statements regarding the European Super League, informing that a court decision has been issued, according to which UEFA is obliged to lift all sanctions against the three teams remaining in the Super League.

The statement from the "royal club" reads as follows: Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid express their satisfaction with today's court decision ordering UEFA to immediately cancel all its actions against the founding clubs of the European Super League, including the final dossier of the disciplinary proceedings opened for the above-mentioned three clubs and the abolition of fines and other restrictions imposed on the other nine founding clubs, provided that they are not subject to disciplinary proceedings by UEFA. '

In this way, the guts of the European Football Headquarters were rejected against the teams that announced the creation of a super-tournament on April 19 this year, in which the most popular teams in Europe will take part. In addition, UEFA has been warned that non-compliance with the court's resolution could lead to financial sanctions and liability.

Real Madrid also wrote: "We are glad that from now on we will not be subjected to constant threats from UEFA. We remain committed to developing the European Super League project in a constructive and equitable way, taking into account fans, players, coaches, clubs, leagues, national teams and international associations and federations. We are aware that there are elements of our proposal that need to be reviewed and, of course, improved through dialogue and consensus. We continue to trust the success of this project, which will always respect the rules of the European Union. "

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