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World Cup 2022 will be the most environmentally friendly World Cup in history

World Cup 2022 will be the most environmentally friendly World Cup in history

The Supreme Committee for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar promises that the next World Cup will be the most environmentally friendly in history, reports the "Gulf Times" newspaper. 20% of the World Cup buses will be electric, and the rest will meet the Euro-5 environmental standard, which regulates the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. The depot for charging electric buses, in turn, will run on solar energy, ie. the buses will be charged by solar panels. Another innovation will be tramless trams, which can carry more passengers than buses. The subway in Doha, the capital of Qatar, will connect the airport with five stadiums. In general, the Qatari authorities assure that it will be possible to reach all stadiums from almost any place by subway, or by subway and bus. 

All Qatari metro trains are already equipped with regenerative braking systems, in which the electricity generated by traction motors is returned to the grid. In addition to the subway, buses and trams without rails, ordinary trams will carry passengers to the World Cup. 

All matches of the World Cup in Qatar will be played in stadiums, the distance between which will not exceed 75 kilometers. In this way, the High Committee said, championship visitors and players will not need to make domestic flights, which will also contribute to "significant reductions in carbon emissions compared to other similar international competitions". 

Qatari authorities also recalled that earlier Hamad International Airport, which can accommodate more than one million fans, decided to increase the temperature of the air conditioner by one degree Celsius during the winter months to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

Another innovation for the World Cup will be the opening of 200 to 500 charging stations for electric vehicles in Qatar near shopping malls, residential areas, stadiums, parks and government offices. In parallel, the country is already actively developing the rental of electric scooters and bicycles and plans to further increase their number for the championship. 

The World Cup in Qatar will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022 in five cities and eight stadiums.

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