What is Handicap Betting and How to Start

what is handicap betting

What is handicap betting?

Handicap betting is a type of football betting used when two teams who differ highly in their strengths meet and one of the teams is given goals ahead than the other one from one to four goals.

Majority of punters and sports fans alike don’t really key into this betting type because they do not fully understand the bet, but to put it clearly it is one of the bet types which has been on since time immemorial.

Bets are a game of luck, the players should make sure they look carefully at various types of sporting bets before keying into the most appropriate one.

Handicap betting which can be known as Asian handicap betting means pairing up a market, by assigning a virtual deficit or surplus to the various games selections.

In this type of betting the application of either a positive or negative goal/point handicap to each side/player depending on which is identified as the favorite (negative handicap) or underdog (positive handicap).

At the end of the match, if the goals of an opponent are more than the other team after the deficit has been applied to the game, you have won the placed bet.


How does handicap betting work?


In a handicap, the perceived difference between strong and weak teams is countered by giving the weaker team goals ahead to even things up.

What this means is that this bet is gauged on strength and the weak team is given a real France to beat the perceived strong team.

A perfect example will be given to make things clear, if a top football team like Barcelona of Spain is playing against the lowly rated Las Palmas…., to give Las Palmas a chance, the bettor can decide to give Las Palmas three goals ahead making Barcelona sweat it out before they can beat Palmas.

Therefore, if the scores end anything less than Four goals difference in favor of Barcelona, the bet is lost if placed on them.

If I give Las Palmas three goals handicap and I place my bet on Las Palmas, my hope is that Barcelona should not win more than two goals for my bet to be won.

4 Major Factors to Consider Before Placing a Handicap Bet

Ready for some handicap betting. Let’s look at the 4 factors to consider before you place a handicap bet.


It is highly imperative that a good bettor should consider which of two teams he or she wants to bet on has the greater strength. Winning the game highly depends on it. To know the stronger team…past statistics and league table needs to be considered. It is then that the perceived weaker team will be assigned goals ahead of the stronger team to make things even.


After strength another thing to consider before this type of bet is placed is formed, even when a strong team plays a weak team, the strong team may be out for form,thereby making it tricky to place bet on them and it makes more sense to bet more on the weaker team on a good form. If Strasborg FC is on a good run and them meat Monaco, although Monaco is stronger, it is better to give Strasbourg FC three goals ahead, than to give Monaco straight win.

3.Injury and suspensions

You should look out for injury concerns, a good time to place handicap bet is when a key player in an assume stringer team is injured. For example, if Lionel Messi of Barcelona is injured or out for some reasons, then it will be wise to place a bet on their opposition to win by handicap 3 to 4 goals.

4. Table battles

In as much has handicap betting is advised for serious bettors, you have to consider the aim of both teams playing and the seriousness of the match. A team that has won the league already should be avoided when playing handicap, this is because it is assumed that such team will not take the match serious and may field a relatively weaker team against its opponents.

Also, a team struggling in relegation waters should avoid. However, when a team is determined to avoid relegation and it is going against a team that has nothing to lose, such team can be given a handicap of two to three goals because it will play the games with a strong will and will be determined not to concede goals.

In conclusion, handicap betting is a goldmine that has not been really researched and mined properly by punters and bettors in general, it is a bet type that should be considered and played mostly in single type and not in multiples.

This is encouraged so as to take appropriate advantage of its features. You have to be careful of odds assigned to this game type by bookmakers and not be greedy, I will advise you consider handicap of two goals above to perceived weak teams against relatively strong teams and just play it as a single game and put the huge amount. For example is Arsenal FC versus Burnley should be played like this: give Burnley away 3 goals. Let’s say a bookmaker gives 1.30 odds and put A thousand dollars to win 300 dollars.

Play it single and consider variables explained above.

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