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What is Draw No Bet in Soccer on VN88 Bookie

What is Draw No Bet in Soccer on VN88 Bookie

Draw No Bet is one of the very popular betting methods chosen by many betting participants on VN88 bookie. Read the sharing below to better understand Draw No Bet betting and apply when betting on VN88.

What in VN88 Soccer Betting Does "Draw No Bet" Mean?

In VN88 soccer betting, a "draw no bet" or "tie no bet" is exactly what it sounds like - you bet on a team to win, and if it ends in a draw, you get your money back.

This is a common strategy for betting on teams that have some insurance, albeit at a higher cost than the standard three-way line with a draw.



Let's examine a matchup between Morocco and Croatia from the 2022 World Cup group stage as an illustration.

There are, of course, three possibilities on the three-way moneyline. You also lose your wager if you pick a team on this line and the game results in a tie.

  • Win for Morocco (+310)
  • Croatia triumphs (+110) 
  • and a draw (+110)

There are just two choices when placing a Draw No Bet because a draw will result in a push on either side.

Because you are obtaining that safety net in that case, you are forced to pay more to support Croatia and will receive a smaller payoff if you bet Morocco.

You'll receive the following on the draw no bet line:

  • +185 (instead of +310) for Morocco
  • Croatia is -245 (as opposed to +100)

If Morocco triumphs, your $10 wager becomes $18.50. If they tie, you lose nothing. You will lose $10 if they lose. Contrast that with Croatia, where a $24.50 wager returns a win of $10, a push on a tie, and a loss of $24.50.

How is the draw no bet on VN88 bookmaker calculated?

It's quite easy to determine the draw no bet line from the three-way line, but it's simpler to accomplish with decimal odds. I would suggest first converting American odds to decimal odds, then applying the following formula:


We'll apply this approach to the example of Morocco, taking the 4.1 (Morocco's odds to win in decimal odds) and the draw at 3.1 (the draw in decimal odds).

(1- (1 / 3.1)) * 4.1 = 2.77 (+177 in American odds)

It is not far off from the VN88 bookmaker's advertised odds of +185 because that is +177 in American odds.

We will use decimal odds to perform the same procedure in order to get Croatia's price.

(1- (1 / 3.1)) * 2.0 = 1.35 (-281 in American odds)

Draw No Bet-related sports on VN88 bookie

The draw no bet market is accessible if any sporting event between the two competing teams or players can end in a tie.

The draw no bet market offers a wide range of sports and events, while football is the most popular option:

  • American football 
  • Australian rules
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing

Draw no bet odds, however, will differ greatly depending on the sport. Since draws occur more frequently in some sports than others, this will have an effect on the odds that are offered and the frequency of this betting market at website VN88.cc.

Does Soccer Extra Time Include Draw No Bet?

No, in tournament situations extra time is not included in draw no bet wagers. Even if England prevails in penalty kicks, your wager will lose if you backed England on the draw no bet line in the World Cup final against Brazil and the score was equal to one after regulation.

Is a Draw No Bet a Smart Bet in Soccer betting?

Many gamblers who prefer the safety of a match finishing in a draw over the potential upside of an underdog favor draw no bets. With Morocco, you may obtain a team with some potential for growth for a reasonable price (+185).

Similar to double chance bets, draw no bets do not offer the possibility of winning in the event of a draw. Simply put, your price is substantially higher.


Above is a detailed explanation of Draw No Bet in Soccer betting on VN88 online bookie. If you want safe and profitable soccer betting, then Draw No Bet is an ideal choice.

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