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What is a Trixie bet on 188BET Online Bookie

What is a Trixie bet on 188BET Online Bookie

The 'Trixie' bet is a perfect choice for experienced bettors who want to earn more from betting on 188BET online bookie. The sharing below will clearly explain what a trixie bet is on 188BET so that bettors can apply to play.

What is a 188BET Trixie Bet and how to calculate profits?

A triple and three double bets from three different sports events make up a trixie, which is a system wager.

Using decimal odds makes it much simpler to compute payouts for Trixie bets because we need to multiply each to get the total cost. If you prefer that way, you can convert them later to/from American odds.

  • The odds are 2.5 for Team A.
  • 1.80 are the odds for Team B.
  • The odds for Team C are 3.20.

You would need to take into account all conceivable doubles and treble combinations in order to determine your potential winnings:


  • 2.50 x 1.80 equals 4.50 for Teams A and B.
  • Teams A and C: 2.50 times 3.20 equals 8.00.
  • Teams B and C: 1.80 times 3.20 equals 5.76


Teams A, B, and C's triple: 2.50 x 1.80 x 3.20 = 14.40

You would need to add together all of the combinations' possible prizes in order to determine the overall return:

  • (Triple): 14.40 if all three teams triumph.

Upon a double victory by two teams:

  • 4.50 for Team A and Team B.
  • 8.00 for Team A and Team C.
  • 5.76 for Team B and Team C.

Total Returns calculated using a $10 bet:

  • The total winnings for all three teams ($144.00 + $45.00 + $80.00 + $57.60) minus the stake ($40) equals $286.60 in profit.
  • If only Teams A and B triumph, then the profit is $5 ($45 - $40 (stake)).
  • Only Team A and Team C triumph, hence the profit is $40. $80 - $40 (stake)
  • Only Team B and Team C win, so the profit is $17.60 less the stake of $40.

There are four lines that you must pay for when placing a Trixie wager with 188BET bookie. The three double bets and one treble bet are as follows. Per line, stakes are required. 

As a result, if you wanted to place a $10 Trixie, your total stake would be $40 because you would have to cover all four lines. The stake would be $2.50 per line if you were to wager $10 overall.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Placing a Trixie Bet with 188BET


  • Increased possibilities of winning - A Trixie bet gives 188BET players more chances to win than a single wager because it combines numerous doubles and a treble.
  • Potential for greater payouts - Due to the combination of chances, if all three picks are successful, the reward might be sizable. A higher return on investment may arise from this.
  • Low risk: You still have a chance to win on the remaining combinations even if one option loses. Compared to making a single wager on each option, this lowers the risk.
  • Trixie bets require putting numerous wagers, although they're typically less expensive than placing separate wagers on each decision.


  • Trixie bets need numerous bets, therefore the total stake is more than it would be with a single bet. Therefore, you must make a larger initial investment.
  • Lower payouts per combination - In comparison to winning single bets, the rewards for each individual combination of doubles and trebles in the wager will be smaller. This occurs as a result of the investment being spread across several bets.
  • Trixie bets are dependent on the success of numerous choices, hence they depend on multiple outcomes. There will be a reduction in the overall payment or a loss if one or more picks do not succeed.


Although Trixie bet brings high profits to bettors, to be able to confidently apply Trixie bet when betting on 188BET online bookie requires players to have a lot of experience.

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