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What is a parlay in betting on 188BET?

What is a parlay in betting on 188BET?

Parlay bets are chosen by many professional bettors on 188BET online bookie as it offers better returns. However, you need to understand what a parlay bet is and what parlay betting strategies work. The following article of 188BET bookie will provide you with the necessary information for parlay betting.

What Is a Parlay Bet on the 188BET bookie?

A parlay bet is placed when two or more bets are combined into one wager when placing a sports wager on 188BET. These wagers may be known as "accumulators" or "multis" depending on the sportsbook or the area.


To win the parlay wager, the gambler must win each of the smaller bets; if even one of the smaller bets is lost, the parlay is lost. For adding more games to each parlay, 188BET bookie frequently offers greater payouts. Parlay bets are riskier because they combine several separate chances, but they also offer a larger return if all separate bets succeed.


How To Make a 188BET Parlay Bet

Where to make a parlay

A parlay bet can be placed in a variety of ways. Any physical or online sportsbook will evaluate the odds of winning this type of wager and approve it.

  • To select teams and totals, casinos use a common option known as a parlay card. Along with the bet money, the card is given to the ticket writer in the sportsbook. 
  • Parlay types are also available on mobile betting sites.

Calculating parlay payouts

Due in part to the way odds are expressed in sports betting, figuring out the odds of parlay bets can be difficult. Gamblers frequently rely on the bookmaker 188BET to determine potential wins from parlays.


How to determine a payout:

  • Decimalized the American odds before continuing.
  • Add up all of the decimal odds.
  • Add your stake amount to the outcome.
  • To calculate the parlay odds, deduct your initial wager.


Consider a bettor who is combining three point spreads that are each valued at -110.

  • First, the result of converting those odds to decimal is 1.91. 
  • Then add them all together: 1.91 x 1.91 x 1.91 = 6.97    
  • Afterward, multiply this by $10 to place a bet: 6.97 x 10 = 69.7
  • Finally, take the initial wager amount away: 69.7 – 10 = 59.7


For every $10 wagered, this parlay returns $59.70. That converts to +597 American odds, which means that this parlay pays about 6-1. There is a straightforward rule for -110 bets. A triple parlay pays roughly 6-to-1 and a double bet about 2.6-to-1. The odds then roughly increase with each -110 wager that is added to the parlay.

Types of parlay betting on 188BET

Round Robin

Multiple parlay bets are made at once while placing a Round Robin wager. That's how easy it is. Round Robin wagers merely make placing numerous parlays easier. When a sports bettor "Round Robin's" teams, it's comparable to "boxing" horses for an exacta or trifecta wager in a race.


Similar to a typical parlay, a teaser allows the bettor to choose numerous teams or totals. A teaser, however, is not permitted with money lines. Unlike a parlay, the bettor has the option to add or subtract a particular number of points from each point spread or total. These wagers pay less than a conventional parlay since they are simpler to win and have more points on the spread or total.

Risks and Rewards of a parlay bet on 188BET bookie

Sportsbooks generate more money on parlay bets than single bets, despite the fact that bettors are much less likely to win them. Even a tiny profit for the sportsbook is factored into the odds on each individual wager. 


With conventional bets, gamblers have a 50% chance of winning money. Bettors increase risk and decrease their chances of winning by combining numerous bets into one wager.


Above are the shares that you need to know to understand what a parlay bet is, and you must understand it well to be able to place better bets on 188BET online bookie and make a profit.

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