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What is a European Handicap?

What is a European Handicap?

The world of online betting offers us a variety of offers with which we can test our skills.

There are over 100 game options, but in the following review we will look at the exciting handicap bets.

We hope that we will be of maximum use to you and show you a good method for increasing your success.

There are two directions in the bets, through which we can weed out the favorite and the outsider. For this purpose we use an Asian or European handicap , assessing the capabilities of both teams and choosing the best line.

We should not be deceived by the high odds of some events or lower our expectations.

The most important thing in this market is the correct and adequate argumentation, which will guide us to the best solution.

European handicap betting is not a complicated endeavor.

There are several types, each accompanied by three options. It is bet in a standard way - 1, X and 2, and the final result is formed after adding the handicap value.

Here is more information about the market:


Essence of the term

European Handicap (better known to local bettors as handicap) is an alternative to betting that is used in more complex predictive events.

When predicting the final outcome remains a daunting task, the most adequate solution is to lower expectations and set a lower limit.

There are several betting options for consumers.

The most famous European handicap starts from 0: 1, which means that the guests are given a slight advantage.

Usually this line is inherent in matches in which the host is the favorite, but not completely.

However, there are other handicap lines, such as 0: 2, 0: 3 and 2: 0, 3: 0, respectively, depending on the evaluation of the teams involved and the odds for the final outcome.


Examples of European handicap


With this handicap you will not encounter confusing lines and values.

If the Asian equivalent gives us halves and quarters, then here we rely mainly on integers. As we hinted above, there is nothing complicated in the endeavor.

You add the appropriate number to the final result of the meeting and receive information about the development of the market.


However, let's illustrate the situation with a clear example:

Chelsea and Leicester are facing each other. As expected, the "blues" are placed in the role of favorites, as they have better players, and the match is held at their stadium.

Bookmakers come out with a rate of 1.55 for a sign 1, 3.70 for a hiccup and 6.50 for a victory of the "foxes". Logically, the handicap is aimed in favor of the visiting team, ie. we have a 0: 1 line.

So, let's look at the situations in which we would be profitable and those that we would not like.

If Chelsea reach a successful victory with a minimum of 2 goals in advance and we bet on success in their favor with a handicap, our slip will be successful.

With a minimal victory for the Londoners, the forecast for a 0: 1 handicap draw will be profitable, as the addition of a goal advance will equalize the status quo. Any result in favor of the guests or a draw in the match will turn sign 2 into a winning prediction.

Unlike the Asian, the European handicap is only available for final bets, corners and cards. There is no equivalent in goal offers.


Which bookmakers offer a European handicap?


European Handicap Bookmakers

It is inherent in big brands to diversify their portfolio and constantly add newer and more attractive markets.

Well, there are no two opinions on the issue, the European handicap is a highly desirable market, especially in football betting.

Confidence in him relies mostly on high odds, minimized risk and great security when placing a bet.

Absolutely all online bookmakers add it to their range. You will find it in the Handicap sub-section, usually accompanied by three or more variations.

The strongest in this endeavor is Efbet , which tolerates handicap bets, providing inflated stakes and a huge range of events.

Winbet is still gaining ground in this area, unlike the English Bet365 and Betfair, which are ubiquitous and unshakable in their positions.

European handicap ratios are calculated relative to those for the final outcome.

The lower the bet in favor of the favorite, the more likely the victory to occur by a large margin.

Calculate the chances of a handicap before moving on to finalizing the bet.


Handicap betting strategies


Handicap betting strategies

We have repeatedly mentioned that winning betting is directly related to the use of strategies.

There is no other way to successfully combine and predict events , at least not in the long run.

So, for this reason, we have included various methods for winning bets that you must apply when playing with a handicap.


A new coach has been appointed

The emergence of a new management factor in 90% of cases brings a positive change in the team.

Greater incentive to play is gained, and the motivation of the players increases dramatically. In such cases, especially if the team has the necessary potential, you can easily look for convincing success with a handicap.


Give a slight advantage to outsiders

Well, don't take it literally. There is no logic in the search for victory for the outsider in every game. Bet in their favor when the favorites are not influenced by the final outcome of the match and do not have much ambition to seek the three points.

And let's not forget that the handicap significantly increases the chances for a positive outcome of the chosen event.


Choose attacking teams

If you are going to bet on a successful success for the favorite, the right decision is to select teams that practice an offensive style of play.

Examples abound - Man City, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, etc., who do not return to deaf defense after taking the lead in the result.


Bet on teams that depend on the goal difference

This is the best solution, but you will have to wait until the end of the campaign. Only then does this strategy find its application, but it would be a great success.

Always be aware of the needs of the teams involved and their goals in the specific clash.

More than once, the outcome, even for the first place, relied on the goal difference.


Final words


Nowadays, bookmakers provide a significant amount of gaming markets. This is a double-edged sword, as we get the desired variety, but on the other hand it is increasingly difficult to find the right bet solution.

We advise you to try different combinations and markets, but your focus should be mainly on 5-6 events. Participating in more disciplines will disrupt the harmony of your bets and will significantly distract you.

This is exactly what the European handicap helps. You focus on one market, but with many opportunities. Through it you get drastically higher odds, but also greater security when choosing certain solutions.

Be careful, argue for each choice and your efforts will be rewarded.

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