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We Accept Barter Virtual Dollar Cards. Get it Now

We Accept Barter Virtual Dollar Cards. Get it Now

Barter virtual dollar cards allow you to make payments and shop online anywhere in the world where your local cards won’t allow you due to restrictions.  And that’s not the wildest part; you get to create Unlimited dollar cards at will.

We’re telling you it’ll only take about 5 minutes to get you started. Ready? GO!

Let’s create a card.

1. Download Barter by Flutterwave from your device store & Sign up. 

2. Complete the KYC and identity verification process

3. ‘Add money’ to your Barter account either through your debit card, or bank transfer

4. Click ‘Create new card’ 

Note, whether you create a specific custom card (e.g Netflix card, or an ASOS card)  or you create a basic multifunctional card, you can use all Barter cards anywhere online that debit cards are accepted. 

5. Enter the amount you’d like to fund your dollar card with. 
(Note: card creation fee of $2 and $5 minimum creation amounts apply. You need to have a minimum of the equivalent of $7 to create a new card. )

That’s all folks, you’re done. You’ve just created a Dollar card.

6. Now, visit https://www.1960tips.com/plans?c=USD to make the payment for our VIP plan.

Where else can I use my dollar card?
You can use your Barter card on most merchant sites where the Visa logo is displayed.

The Barter USD card can be used on all global merchant payment sites like Uber, Netflix, Google Play, Apple Music, Asos, Udemy, Coursera, AliExpress, Namecheap, Facebook, PayPal, etc. for payments and purchases.

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