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UEFA decides on April 20 whether to admit spectators to Euro 2020

UEFA decides on April 20 whether to admit spectators to Euro 2020

UEFA has postponed until April 20 the discussion on the issue of admitting fans to the stadiums of the European Football Championship. This was announced by the president of the European headquarters Alexander Cheferin in an interview with "Daily Record". Earlier, UEFA announced that it would decide on the admission of the public on April 7. At the same time, the organization hoped that at the European Championship matches, the allowed occupancy of the stadiums would be at least 50% of the total capacity. 

"We have set a deadline of April 20 for the final decision for the spectators of the European Championship. The ideal scenario is to hold the tournament in the original 12 stadiums, but if this is not possible, then the tournament will be held in 10 or 11 countries, if there is one or more cities that cannot meet the necessary conditions, "Cheferin said. 

Euro 2020 was supposed to be held from June 12 to July 12 last year, but due to the pandemic it was postponed for a year and will now take place from June 11 to July 11 in 12 European cities - St. Petersburg, London, Munich, Baku, Rome, Bucharest , Dublin, Copenhagen, Bilbao, Glasgow, Budapest and Amsterdam.

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