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They justified an Italian legend for match-fixing

They justified an Italian legend for match-fixing

Italian legend Giuseppe Signori has been acquitted of charges of involvement in a match-fixing scheme. The case against the former national has been pending for more than 10 years. 

Beppe Signori was accused of taking part in the settlement of the match between Piacenza and Padova in 2010. The former striker of Lazio, Bologna and Sampdoria categorically denied all charges, and the court eventually confirmed his innocence. 

"Somehow I feel restored, mostly because justice prevails. However, these feelings are only partial, as no one can give me back those years," Signori explained after the court ruling.

Giuseppe Signori has 344 games in Serie A, in which he scored 188 goals. The striker is the top scorer of the championship three times in a row. Signori also has 28 matches for the national team with seven goals. With Italy, the striker is a silver medalist from the '94 World Cup. 

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