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The Ultimate Low Odds Betting Strategy Guide

The Ultimate Low Odds Betting Strategy Guide

Safe matches at low odds

Almost every one of us at the beginning of his career in sports betting has heard the cliché:

"Bet low and win regularly."

This is ingrained in the mind.

And the dreams of easy profits at low odds begin.

In the range from 1.10 to about 1.30.

Or the so-called safe matches.

Many never manage to get rid of this rather wrong sentence.

Because making a profit from low odds is quite a difficult endeavor. And few succeed.

But this is not news. It is no secret that there are few who win from bets at all.

Qualities for success in betting

You can read hundreds of strategies to play at low odds.

But there are only two things that if we do not have, we will always be losers in this type of bets. Remember them well:


If you lack these two qualities, you better not deal with small rates.

Although we need these two qualities in betting in general, no matter how we play.

What is a low odds?

Let's first give a definition of low coefficient.

The truth is that such a definition cannot be defined. Every player is different and has a different opinion on the issue.

For example, for a high-risk player who more often seeks an underdog bet (1.80) is low.

And for a conservative player, this is more of a risk.

However, a summary can be made.

For the majority of betting odds, which mark a 70% probability, ie around 1.33, are considered low .

And those with about 40% probability, ie 2.50, for high .

All bets between them are in most cases considered average by most players.

Can I win at small rates?

Every conservative player is constantly looking for the answer to a single question:

"Can I, by betting on low odds, secure a steady and secure, albeit small, income?"

When betting on rates from 1.10 to 1.30 and looking for security, we must keep in mind two things:

  1. Not every such factor has the same certainty.
  2. The rate does not always correctly reflect the probability of an event occurring.

Are there safe matches?

Let's look at an example. On the 1X2 market we have three exits with a chance of 33.33%.

If you bet on Real Madrid to beat Dunav Ruse at odds of 1.25, then you accept that the Royal Club have an 80% chance of winning.

Which is a huge difference compared to the initial theoretical 33.33%.

This should immediately turn on the red light.

And force you to check repeatedly all the circumstances around the match before declaring it SAFE.

Such as:

  • the last matches of the teams,
  • their current form,
  • news about injured and punished,
  • motivation, etc.

The myth of the low odds!

One of the biggest misconceptions that every novice gambler falls into is the myth of the low odds.

The idea that the odds are low because the bookmaker knew something about the eventual winner of a match has led to a nervous breakdown for many betting enthusiasts.

What is the truth?

Every bookmaker in its quest to attract as many customers as possible is forced to offer a huge selection of events and markets.

Under these circumstances, their traders do not have the physical ability to cover such a huge volume.

To minimize errors, most bouquets are connected to the sports betting platform.

The main idea is to predict in which direction the money of the mass bettor will be directed.

Usually most people rely on:

  • favorite teams or the so-called fan bets;
  • of popular club names;
  • of Over goals;
  • of Goal / Goal.

These trends are well known to every bookmaker.

And they give him the opportunity to give initial very low and without any value coefficients in these directions.

Thus, even before the football match starts, the bookmaker has a double advantage:

  1. One time by the lack of value it offers you.
  2. Second time from the set margin on each sign.

From that moment on, with the opening of the markets with the so-called initial odds begins and the real tragedy of the beginner or inexperienced gambler.

Seeing, for example, the odds of 1.30, he thinks something like this:

Yeah, Bukito knows that this team will win and that's why he gives such a low odds that he doesn't lose money. "

The effect of a snowball with mass bets on this sign by millions of ignorant people is obtained.

Without any good reason. Except for the mass delusion and psychosis, which always lead to irrational and wrong decisions.

The suggestion (suggestion) of the value of the odds is also one of the psychological ways in which the bookmaker affects the psyche of the bettor.

Directing it in the desired direction of cash flow.

Many professional bettors have developed the habit of analyzing football matches, deliberately closing the odds offered.

They pay attention to them only after they have formed their opinion about the match.

Is there value in low rates?

Therefore, many betors avoid low odds. Because they believe that there is no value in them.

We have already commented on what a valuable bet is .

And we came to the conclusion that it can be found at low odds. But it is much more difficult.

An example where it is possible to have a big bet at a small rate. The following conditions must be met:

  1. We need to have a highly motivated, if possible a host team.
  2. The favorite must be superior in class.
  3. Good traditions against the opponent.
  4. News from the clubs should be in favor of the favorite.

Low odds strategy!

Here are 6 invaluable tips for football predictions with small odds:

  1. Avoid derby matches - both local and traditional. Underdog teams are always extremely mobilized in them.
  2. When making systems, never include several games with low odds from the same championship. Gone are the years when all the leaders of each championship regularly won their matches.
  3. Don't bet on a low odds just because of motivation or a new coach . Of course, there is a difference between a small odds for Barcelona at the end of the season, when the title is decided, and a match of, say, Vereya, which needs 3 points to survive against Ether.
  4. Look carefully at the football statistics for the previous matches of a Favorite, when they played with a low-ranked team. Did they win convincingly with early goals or did they play relaxed with goals at the end of the match?
  5. Pay attention to the friendly relations between the teams. A low odds are often given to a favorite against a friendly team in need of points.
  6. Pay attention to other factors influencing motivation. Especially in the smaller leagues, the big ones often save strength and players against weaker teams. Conversely, they play very convincingly if they are after a loss in the last round.

Low odds betting plan!

The scheme is:

Follow the top class teams in matches from their singles championships when their bets are 1.35 and below.

Following Barcelona, ​​Celtic, Benfica, Porto, Juventus, Bayern Munich and even Dinamo Zagreb in each round is a winning idea.

However, we remember! When making this type of choice, you must be CONSTANT and PATIENT.

This means that you have to follow the teams you have chosen from the beginning to the end of the season.

Any deviation automatically turns you into a losing player.

It is important to never forget that this is a market - you invest in a commodity. But if your choice is wrong, you will go bankrupt.

It is one thing to follow PSG throughout the season, albeit at an average odds of 1.17.

And quite another Liverpool, albeit at higher rates.

So either we follow from the beginning to the end of the plan with the correct initial selection of teams, or we lose at every attempt to deviate.

Other types of low odds play turn out to be wrong in most cases.

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