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The new Champions League is coming - the format is changing

The new Champions League is coming - the format is changing

The Champions League will look completely different from the 2024/2025 season and within a month UEFA will formalize the changes. The reform is about to end, and it will indeed be extremely great. The German edition Bild makes a brief summary of the prepared changes in the league.

When will the changes be formalized?

Details are currently being discussed, but UEFA wants to finalize Champions League reform by the next European headquarters congress on April 20th. The decision is expected to be taken by the UEFA Executive Committee.

What will the Champions League look like?

Completely different. Instead of 32 teams, 36 teams will participate in the final stage, which will not be divided into groups before the eliminations. They will play together in one league. The so-called "Swiss model" will be used. According to the current state of each team, he will play a total of 10 matches, and opponents will be drawn in advance from four ballot boxes. In these matches, points will be earned, and the best 8 of the 36 teams will qualify for the round of 16. The teams from 9th to 24th place will play playoffs for another 8 places in the round of 16. The format is then saved with direct elimination

The number of matches!

Currently, the group stage of the Champions League consists of a total of 125 matches. From 2024, these matches will become 225. This means a huge jump in the number of matches, and the calendar should be filled with matches in December and January.

Who will get the four extra places in the Champions League?

It is not yet clear who will take advantage of the privilege to score more teams in the biggest club tournament. The expectations are for one quota to go to France and the other for another minor league champion. It is being discussed to have two quotas for teams that have performed very well in Europe in the last 10 years, but have failed to qualify for the Champions League this season. However, these details are a matter for discussion.

Are there any criticisms of the reform plans?

Yes. The European leagues see the shortcomings mostly in the "cutting" of the smaller leagues, including Bulgaria. Many fans fear that the "upper class" teams will become an increasingly closed society, which will make a huge financial and sports difference with other clubs.

The advantages of the new league!

The participating teams will have more matches, which means more money. The clubs are currently playing 6 games in the group stage, and after the reform they will play 10. "The 2024 Champions League reform will open up new revenue potential," Bayern board member Oliver Kahn said in a recent interview with kicker.

The reform is also used as a tool to prevent the creation of a Super League between the top clubs in Europe. This has already been talked about by Real Madrid and Juventus.

How will the money be distributed in the Champions League from 2024?

This is still not entirely clear. In fact, at this stage it is not even clear how the money will be distributed next season in Europe, when the third League League tournament starts.

Will the Europa League change in 2024?

Yes, there is a change in the Europa League. Despite the fact that from the upcoming season there will be changes in the Europa League from 2024, the participation of 32 teams is planned, which will also be in one league type "Swiss model". In the Europa League, each team will play 6 matches and then continue on the model of the Champions League.

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