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The bookmaker refused to pay its customer a profit of over $ 374,000

The bookmaker refused to pay its customer a profit of over $ 374,000

And this year's edition of the Super Bowl went down in the annals with strange performance. 5 minutes before the end, a man stormed the field and interrupted him during an attack by the Kansas City Chiefs in the loss to the Tampa Bay Buchanaries with 9:31. And Boca Raton's Yuri Andrade made more than $ 374,000 from that. Because he bet that someone will invade the field.

However, the bookmaker Bovada flatly refused to pay the profit to Yuri because of his personal involvement in the incident.

He was briefly arrested, charged with hooliganism and released on $ 500 bail. 

Here are more cult moments from previous finals:

The hero with a hangover

Max McGee of the Green Bay Packers is a solid reserve. And before the first finale in history in 1967, it just celebrated all night. In the first attack, Boyd Dowler was injured and entered. He catches a unique pass from Brett Starr. After the victory, he first wants aspirin.

Thomas Henderson snorted

One of the greatest defenders in history, Thomas Handerson-Hollywood, admits to snorting cocaine during Super Bowl XIII. And at the decisive moment he kills the ball from the hands of Tom Bradshaw, but "Dallas Cowboys" loses.

A fan bathes with the champions

Another unique case takes place at the same end. After the Pittsburgh Steelers' 35:31 victory, their fan Steve Sobol somehow entered the locker room. He sits in front of Larry Brown's non-playing locker and even answers reporters' questions. Then he takes a shower with the team.

Discarded forever

The day before the match, Cincinnati Bengals striker Stanley Wilson was found on the floor of his hotel bathroom. From drugs. Unfortunately for him, this is his third offense. And the league throws him out forever. The Tigers are just 16:20 away from San Francisco 49, and coach Sam Wish is laconic - if Stanley had played, it would have been different. In fact, it was Wish who passed the evidence to the league.

Arrest before the match

Atlanta Falcons defender Eugene Robinson was arrested hours before Super Bowl XXXIII after being trapped by a beautiful policewoman he took as a prostitute. And on the same day he received the Brett Starr Award for "a player who is an example of character and leadership at home, on the field and in society." Robinson played, but weakly and his team lost with 19:34.

The missing player

The day before the Bowl Raiders Super Bowl XXXVII, Barrett Robbins simply disappeared. And he goes to a party in Tijuana, Mexico. His coach deleted him from the team and his team fell catastrophically with 21:48 from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He later went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He thought the match was over, his team won and he went to celebrate.

Satellite lot

The inauguration ceremony of Ronald Reagan for his second presidential term coincides with the Super Bowl XIX. Which, however, does not prevent the first use of modern technology. As soon as he swears, the former actor enters a special hall and joins the toss of the coin for the start of the match. Thus, for the first time in history, the incumbent president draws lots.

The missing helmet

Thurman Thomas, the star of the Buffalo Bills in 1991, missed the start of the game with the New York Giants. Just look for your helmet. Before each match he is placed on the line of the 34th yard for the performance of the national anthem and then takes it. But she disappears at the stadium in Tampa Bay. So Thomas came in much later, winning just 13 yards in 10 attempts and his team fell sensationally with 19:20 from New York.

Transfer on the last day

Tikuan Underwood was released by the New England Patriots the day before the final. And he immediately moved to the New York Giants to get all the information about the opponent in the big clash, and this turned out to be fatal for the Patriots.

Relay settings

Super Bowl XLVII was interrupted 34 minutes after the lights of the brand new stadium in New Orleans flashed for 38 seconds. But the whole system had to cool down. A 15-page report on the issue was made. It's all because of a relay that had factory settings that no one changed. It excluded everything when a certain amperage was reached. Its level was set too low for a crowded stadium.

The theft of the reporter

After the LI match, Tom Brady's shirt suddenly disappeared. The FBI immediately launched an investigation. And finally, street reporter Martin Mauricio Ortega is on the street. And this is not his only crime. Another Brady team was found in his home, a bunch of things from the winning team of the Green Bay Packers and even a few helmets of American football legends. 

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