Sports Betting Money Management


As you enter the world of sports betting you enter the world of money. Your funds are safe with most of the bookmakers, especially with the bookmakers featured in our promotions.

Managing your money may be the most important aspects of sports betting. Placing a bet is a tricky part since not all bets are created equal. Knowing when to bet small and when to bet big is the secret to winning long term. If you’re looking to transition to taking your betting a bit more seriously, you need to set aside a dedicated betting bankroll. Also, you need to analyze and track your bets by looking for certain patterns.


No ego-driven decisions money management tips

In terms of size, the total bankroll should be what you can comfortably afford to lose or to keep completely separate from the money you need to live. Always expect to lose it all. That way if you come out ahead and decide to cash out, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Fear of losing the money will also help shield you from the temptation to chase losses since a desperate punter is rarely a winning punter. You aim is to learn the basics and discipline of bankroll management. Besides winning, the managing of your money is also hard in betting. Therefore, the size of your bankroll is largely irrelevant at the moment. If you can create a winning strategy then it means you can increase your bankroll. For that reason, focus on the winning strategy, then worry about the size of your betting bankroll.


Preserve your bankroll

Even the best punters and analysts lose. Losses, or even long losing run are normal at some stage. However, surviving this losing run will help keep you solvent and steady. No matter what method or approach you have, you will need to be patient and not risk too much. Never chase losses as it almost always ends in disaster. That seems to be a lesson punters need to learn the hard way. Also, do yourself a favour and respect these rules, bet on our free betting tips while slowly but safely increasing your bankroll. Hopefully, our experience and proven strategies will help you to achieve this.


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