A Complete Guide to Football Betting Strategy

a complete guide to soccer strategy guide

Betting is a lucrative endeavor and multi-Billionaire enterprises.

It is the in thing in today’s world. The young and old are now making quick money to make ends with.

If you have not gotten yourself into this business then you are missing a lot.

There are different modes of making money via betting, whichever niche you are interested in: football betting, basketball, volleyball, polo, a horse race. e.t.c and there are countries where betting has been legalized or not

However we have not mentioned online betting which is the best mode of betting nowadays due to the internet age, at the click of your mouse, you can bet on any sport you want and make cool cash.

Do you think it is impossible to make any money from betting on sports? Or that you’re always going to end up losing, no matter what you do. That is where football prediction tips come in.

You’re obviously not alone. To make money via sports betting is difficult but possible, and most bettors reach a certain stage where they think they have wasted so much money betting.

Due to this giving up betting completely comes to mind while some decide to just bet for the fun of it.

Either option is fine, but are you going to give up on every obstacle you face in life? My guess is no!

With the right information and plenty of commitment and cash, it IS possible to make gains from sports betting.

If you’re willing to put in the commitment, then we can give you the knowledge. We’re a team of experienced sports bettors, and we know a thing or two about how to bet effectively. Although we don’t have any perfect systems that return, our information on games will help you.

The details below are packed full of intel and advice that will help you become a successful sports bettor.


A Scientific Approach to Betting Strategies That Works


Analysis of statistics and data:


Chief among the strategies that work perfectly to win in betting is to know how you analyze game statistics.

Statistical analysis is the key to lots of betting strategies. The ability of one to be able to gather data together and analyses how those data will make you win big is the first step of being successful, however, this data analysis takes time, courage and perseverance.

You also need to be patient and learn from people who are into the game before. This will make you a king in betting.


Trends and patterns:

Knowing how to check and monitor trends and patterns of games can be a very powerful indicator of what’s likely to happen in the future.

You need to have the ability to identify trends and analyze their value to your proposed bets.

There is always a chance of Dejavu repeating itself in games as can confirm in later games. One who wishes to be successful as a bettor will need to monitor old games of teams which are playing and stake on the probability of such games repeating itself.

However be careful not to place too many hopes on games repeating itself, as records are meant to be broken.it has been years Chelsea has been defeated by Spurs at Stamford Bridge, but the bridge was burnt this season when the blues were walloped 3-1.

A perfect example of Dejavu, however, was when Manchester City was dumped out of the F.A cup by Wigan athletic, the same team that beat them in the same tournament 3 seasons ago.


The ability of Analyzing Form & Momentum:

 Form and momentum are important factors in most sports. Teams go into a different kind of form as the season progresses.

A team may start poorly but as the season progresses pick from. Therefore any bettor who wishes to make money via betting but take into cognizance the form of teams and players before placing beat.

There are some teams and players that blow hot throughout the season. Teams like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Celtic are prime examples.

These teams are primus inter pares in their respective leagues. Bookmakers have the form sheet of this teams on their site, therefore, check them out.

Hot teams on the good form will look good to continue their winning streak, therefore they have a good chance of winning. A prime example is Barcelona this season who are unbeaten in their league, they will want to remain unbeaten, therefore bettors should pick them to win ahead of other teams.


Gauge Situational Factors

Situational factors are basically the circumstances surrounding a sport.

When we talk about situational factors, what we mean basically is injuries, venue, and weather. As inconsequential as this factors look like, they are pivotal to a bettor that wants to win at all time.

This is because certain teams and players perform better in certain climates and conditions, a prime example is Rafael Nadal, who is popularly the master of clay.

Therefore the probability that Nadal will win on clay soil is very high. In fact, he has won over 90% of games played on that soil.

Venues like stadiums contribute in the form that home teams, especially in certain leagues, gave a greater chance of winning that away.

This is because it’s believed that they play better at home. Teams struggling with injuries especially to star players should be avoided in games bets are played on. For example, the chance that Real Madrid will win with a Ronaldo on the side-line is infinitesimal.



The Best Five Tips on Soccer Betting Strategies


  1. Don’t mix sports on a bet


It is imperative that in spite of all sport betting strategies mentioned, one should be wary that there are certain potholes that exist which one should avoid. Mixing different sports on a single betting slip one should not mix different sports, once should face only a category of sport. If one’s interests are tennis and football. One should carry both games separately, this is to avoid confusion and bad bets.


2. Don’t pay too much attention to odds


In every sports betting, there are different kinds of odds attached to various teams and players, this odds change every time depending on how strong or weak they are, their opponents, injuries, home and away from amongst other considerations.


This odds range from 1.01 to 10000 odds depending on standard odds agreed via region. It has been discovered that people will expect the big teams with relatively small odds to always win, however, it is not always so.


Bookmakers put those odds there as a facade, therefore, don’t be fooled by bookmaker’s odds, they are there to sometimes mislead you. Bookmakers rarely consider a team from any player’s injury, they will always give strong teams and players small odds, and give small teams.


This is misleading. This season we can see how relatively very small teams like Bournemouth beat Chelsea and Leganes beat Real Madrid. The small teams were given 15 odds and 22 odds respectively. Be vigilant and check player statistics and team form….sometimes even be daring and carry small teams against big teams, of the big team, is on a bad run of form…there is no such thing as sure in life. Only death is!!!!


3. Refrain from packing too many games on one slip


Be a punter and not a gambler. Punters are wise and careful while gamblers are daring in betting. Most bettors pack many games on a bet slip. Some pack up to 20 games with multiple combos.

What one must be aware is that the more the games, the less probability that you will win that stake. The fight is between you and the bookmakers, therefore it is imperative that you minimize the number of games you put on a betting slip. You either stake low with big odds or stake high on small odds. It is advisable you don’t put more than 5 games on a prospective winning ticket. Some bookmakers even allow you to stake one game on a ticket if you have the funds always do so. One game means one risk,20 games means 20 risks, Do not be greedy and be wise.


4. Roll over your bets


For a bettor that wants to win rollover bets are advisable. What rollover beta entail is that you bet strictly on what you earn. Let us say you fund your account with a thousand dollars and you will two thousand dollars, you will remove your original money and stake only with your game.

This is meant for you to avoid overtaking and also so that you can have a mathematical analysis and statistics on all your winnings. Individually interweaved in this must have an online account with a reliable bookmaker.


5. Choose a reliable bookmaker


There are bookmakers and there are bookmakers. Please make sure you choose one whose platform can provide for your needs and also a bookmaker that pays instantly is the one to go for.

Ask around for bookmakers who credit in minutes and you will be glad you did. We have bookmakers like Betfair, Ladbrokes and Bet way who have been tested over the years. Open an online account with one of them is a sure way to start winning. Certain bookmakers have a mouthwatering option on their online platform, therefore it will be wise to key into such options, remember, they are there to serve you.



Betting on a plethora of sports is an ideal way of winning cool cash, but just like a business, making money needs guidance and perseverance. The key to winning big is to keep on playing because only those who play the game can win. No one knows when luck will smile on him or her, there one should not give up due to recent loses. Don’t forget, bet responsibly.

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