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Soccer Betting: Premier League Predictions for this Season

Soccer Betting: Premier League Predictions for this Season

The 22/23 Premier League season has been full of surprises. Liverpool, an early favourite for the title, has almost ruled themselves out of contention for lifting the trophy this May and, as it stands, its rivals Everton could be relegated for the first time in the team’s Premier League history. Even the most likely team for the title, Manchester City, is struggling to keep up with Arsenal on points. So, who will win? If you are placing a soccer bet this year, you would be wise to check out these Premier League predictions for this season. 

Most Likely to Win: Arsenal 

Manchester City might be hot on the heels of Arsenal, but the latter have proved they are a force to be reckoned with this year and could be a smart choice when placing a bet at the likes of soccer betway. At the start of the 22/23 season, you would be forgiven for believing it would be another race between Manchester City and Liverpool for the title. Yet, LFC’s woeful midfield has arguably caused them to drop from the table, and City is struggling with a similar yet less serious problem. 

Of course, the clubs’ weaknesses aren’t the only reason Arsenal is at the top of the league. The team is the most likely club to lift the trophy due to its strong defence, mental strength, and excellent form at home. Don’t be surprised to see the Gunners claiming the title this Premier League season. 

The Top Four: Arsenal, Manchester City, Newcastle and Tottenham 

Arsenal might be the most likely contender to lift the trophy this May, but there are still plenty of games left. If the team maintain its success over the coming months, it could bat away the competition in the form of Manchester City, Newcastle, and Tottenham, who will most likely reach the top four this season. 

Most Likely to be Relegated: Bournemouth, Everton & Southhampton 

As the 22/23 season will soon come to a close, the heat is turning up on many Premier League clubs facing the open relegation zone. If you look at current football odds, it is likely Southampton, Everton, and Bournemouth will drop into the Championship, which is a sad day for any passionate fan. However, the teams are already starting to make changes to escape relegation. For example, Everton recently replaced manager Frank Lampard with Sean Dyche, and Southampton has signed much-needed winger Kamaldeen Sulemana. It only takes a few great matches to climb the Premier League table, which is why Wolves, West Ham, and Leeds United can’t afford to drop their guards. 

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