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Real Madrid is again the king of Europe

Real Madrid is again the king of Europe

Real Madrid continues to dominate the Champions League after beating Liverpool 1-0 in the trophy dispute and thus won their 14th European Club Champions Cup. The victory of the "royal club" came thanks to a goal by Vinicius, but the great hero for the team of Carlo Ancelotti was Thibaut Courtois, who saved 9 shots in the direction of his door and thus allowed his team to triumph with the trophy of the strongest European club tournament.

It was the eighth consecutive final won for the Los Blancos, who left Liverpool to dominate the match and create more positions, but struck their decisive blow just before the end of an hour of play.  

The tension in the match rose even before it started, as the match started 37 minutes late. After 20 minutes of play, Sadio Mane hit the crossbar. In the 43rd minute of the match Karim Benzema sent the ball into the net of Alison, but an ambush was ruled. In the 59th minute Federico Valverde centered low on the right, and on the far post Vinicius sent the ball into the net, putting the crown of King of Europe on the head of Real Madrid. 

Liverpool - Real Madrid 0: 1

0: 1 Vinicius (59 ')

The organizers of the match announced that the match will start 15 minutes late due to the fact that many Liverpool fans failed to enter the stands on time. A few minutes later the situation did not improve and the organizers came up with a new decision - the match should start at 22:30. 

The clash eventually began at 10:37 p.m. From the very beginning, both teams engaged in a tough battle, trying to impose possession of the ball.  

In the 10th minute Sadio Mane reached a ball on the outline and brought it back into play. A defender in white tried to clear it, but sent it to Mohamed Salah, who shot from almost 15 meters, then sent the ball over the door, and the side referee pointed out that the ball came out of the field during Mane's game. 

Gradually, the Merseysiders took the initiative in the match, while Real Madrid used counterattacks. In the 16th minute Trent Alexander-Arnold centered well on the ground to Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian fired, but Thibaut Courtois made a good save. A blocked shot by Luis Diaz from Dani Carvajal followed, and then the Belgian Real guard caught the ball after a shot by Tiago. 

Jurgen Klopp's team's attacks continued and a minute later Sadio Mane dropped the ball to Salah, who shot from 16-17 meters, but Courtois caught. Then Arnold shot from the left corner of the penalty area, but sent the ball over the door.  

After 20 minutes, Sadio Mane received the ball from the inside of the penalty area and shot well. However, Courtois stretched to the maximum and touched the ball, which then hit his right side post.


In the middle of the first half, the "royal club" put the game in the center of the field and in turn launched attacks on Alison's goal. The Brazilian had to come out decisively in the 25th minute to cross a Vinicius cross to Karim Benzema.

After half an hour of play, Trent Alexander-Arnold intercepted a great pass to Vinicius and thus stopped a 100 percent goal attack of "Los Blancos".

In the 35th minute, Real's defense missed a cross and Courtois had to save with a header by Salah. In the counterattack, Vinicius stormed into the penalty area and faked Ibrahim Konate, but the returning Jordan Henderson cleared the ball. 

Four minutes before the end of the first half, Andy Robertson cross from a corner, but the defense in white cleared. However, the ball reached Henderson, who shot hard from a volley from about 25 meters, but the ball went away from the door.  

In the 43rd minute of the match David Alaba centered brilliantly to Karim Benzema. The Frenchman managed to control the ball well, but Alison managed to prevent a blow. However, the ball went to the feet of Konate, who was pressed by Federico Valverde and lost possession of the ball. However, the side judge immediately raised his flag. The VAR took action and a few minutes of review of the situation took place, after which the decision of the judges on the field was confirmed and so the zero tie was maintained. 

This was the last interesting situation for the first half. 

Jurgen Klopp's team started the second half in a whirlwind and in the 47th minute Arnold centered well on the right, but Luis Diaz missed the ball in the penalty area.

The game was two-sided again, with Real Madrid also trying to attack. In front of Courtois' door, Manet's shots were blocked and Arnold was blocked. The Belgian had to box a cross of the English national team in the 54th minute.

Seconds later, the game was suspended for a while as Eder Militao collapsed on the pitch after colliding with Luis Diaz and looked like he had injured his shoulder, but it was nothing serious and he continued the match. 

In the 59th minute, as if out of nowhere, the "royal club" launched a good attack. Casemiro found Valverde on the right wing. The young Uruguayan advanced to the left corner of Alison's penalty area and centered. On the far post Vinicius was forgotten and sent the ball into the empty net - 1: 0 for Real Madrid.

Five minutes later, Salah shot very dangerously from the edge of the penalty area, but Courtois managed to save. 

The pressure of the English team continued, as the people of Jurgen Klopp tried to equalize in every possible way. In the 69th minute, with a balloon cross from the left, Mohamed Salah reached the ball and shot, but Courtois intervened well to prevent a goal in his door.

The circle around the penalty area of ​​the "royal club" tightened even more, but the defenders in white held the front and successfully countered the attacking players of Liverpool. 

In the 80th minute Salah shot from the edge of the field. Diogo Jota appeared on her trajectory and after a ricochet the ball changed its direction, but the Real Madrid goalkeeper managed to throw himself and hit a corner kick. 

The Real Madrid goalkeeper scored a safe goal in the 83rd minute when Salah controlled a ball after a cross and shot diagonally, but Courtois saved with his foot. In the counterattack, Benzema passed too hard to Vinicius in the penalty area and Alison intercepted the pass.

Carlo Ancelotti's team tried to take the game away from the penalty area, but Liverpool continued to push hard. 

In added time, Danny Sebayos broke away alone against the goalkeeper, but did not orient himself well and neither managed to shoot nor pass accurately to his teammate. A minute later, Eduardo Camavinga shot from the edge of the penalty area, but sent the ball over the door. 

In the last seconds, the Merseysiders tried to threaten the Spanish goal with a cross, but the famous match Thibaut Courtois did not bother with their attempts. Thus, after 95 minutes of play, Clement Turpen gave the last referee signal, marking the 14th European title of Real Madrid. 

Starting lineups:

Liverpool: 1. Alison - 66. Trent Alexander-Arnold, 5. Ibrahima Conate, 4. Virgil van Dyke, 26. Andy Robertson - 14. Jordan Henderson (77 '- 8. Nabi Keita), 3. Fabinho, 6. Tiago Alcantara (77 '- 9. Roberto Firmino) - 11. Mohamed Salah, 10. Sadio Mane, 23. Luis Diaz (65' - 20. Diogo Jota)

Reserves: 62. Kaomin Keheler, 7. James Milner, 8. Nabi Keita, 9. Roberto Firmino, 12. Joe Gomez, 15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 17. Curtis Jones, 18. Takumi Minamino, 20. Diogo Jota, 21 Costas Tsimikas, 32. Joel Matip, 67. Harvey Elliott

Coach: Jürgen Klopp

Real Madrid: 1. Thibaut Courtois - 2. Dani Carvajal, 3. Eder Militao, 4. David Alaba, 23. Ferlan Mendy - 10. Luka Modric (90 '- 19. Dani Sebayos), 14. Casemiro, 8. Tony Kroos - 15. Federico Valverde (86 '- 25. Eduardo Camavinga), 9. Karim Benzema (k), 20. Vinicius Jr. (90' - 21. Rodrigo)

Reserves: 13. Andriy Lunin, 6. Nacho, 7. Eden Hazard, 11. Marco Asensio, 12. Marcelo, 17. Lucas Vazquez, 18. Gareth Bale, 19. Dani Sebayos, 21. Rodrigo, 22. Isco, 24. Mariano Diaz, 25. Eduardo Camavinga

Coach: Carlo Ancelotti

Judge: Clement Turpen

Yellow cards: Fabinho (L)

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