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RB Leipzig Vs Liverpool Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

RB Leipzig Vs Liverpool Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

This Tuesday February 16, 2021, Leipzig faces Liverpool in a match counting for the round of 16 first leg of the 2020-2021 season of the Champions League. This meeting between the two German and English clubs will take place at the Puskas Arena in Budapest (Hungary) and the match will kick off at 9:00 p.m. To reach this stage of the competition, Leipzig had finished in 2nd place in group H and Liverpool had finished leader in group D.

RB Leipzig is strong in defense!

Leipzig are the only real pursuer of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

They hardly have a great chance of a title. But at least their lead over the teams behind them is good.

This presupposes almost certain participation in the Champions League in the next edition as well.

RB Leipzig are the team with the strongest defense in the Bundesliga.

Liverpool is out of shape!

Liverpool have 4 losses from their last 6 English Premier League games.

Jurgen Klopp himself said that they no longer have any hopes for the title. And besides, they are outside both cups in their country.

It turns out that at the moment they only have to fight for a place that ensures the Champions League next season.

As well as trying to succeed in its current edition if they are aiming for a campaign title.

Forecast for Leipzig - Liverpool

The team of RB Leipzig cannot use their home rights for this match.

The reason for this is a ban on health authorities in Germany from arriving citizens from the United Kingdom.

The match will be played in Budapest.

However, the victory for Leipzig is very well appreciated. And the chances of that happening are pretty high.

Liverpool is the world's most popular team. And the bookmaker knows very well that millions of fan money will be directed to him.

And there are also many who live with the memories of last year's performance of Merseysiders in both the AVL and the Champions League.

Nice memories, but useless for bets.

So, let's summarize.

Liverpool are 17th in the Premier League in the last 10 matches. And RB Leipzig are 4th in the Bundesliga for the same period.

I will not make many comparisons. I don't even rule out the possibility of the Reds jumping over themselves and winning the match.

I just want to say that the Red Bulls can't be such an outsider in this match.

Not a team that, under Julian Nagelsman, plays so smartly that it doesn't just use a huge number of tactical schemes.

But he even knows how to change them without any problems, and not once in the course of the match. This is real class.

And I do not agree that a team that regularly dominates its rivals in xG , even in matches that ended in a draw, can be an outsider against a totally out-of-form Liverpool.

Not to mention that RB Leipzig have suffered only 3 losses so far in the Bundesliga.

And besides, they have 6 different players with 4 or more goals on their account.

I don't think the absence of Van Dyke, Gomez, Fabinho, Matip and Keita from the Liverpool squad is also insignificant.

The bookmaker offers a 34% probability of a victory for the German team.

Which means that its traders suggest about 38% for the so-called. fair ods.

Either you agree that RB Leipzig have only that much chance of winning, or not.

I definitely am not. And I will gladly bet on them with a rather large bet

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Leipzig is in a winning streak of 4 matches.
  • Liverpool have lost 5 of their last 7 games: 2-0-5.
  • Goal / Goal & Over 3.5 have been in 5 of Liverpool's last 6 games.
  • History! This is the first time that Leipzig and Liverpool will meet in a Champions League match.
  • In their respective league, Leipzig won at home in the German Bundesliga and Liverpool went to a defeat on Leicester in the English Premier League.
  • RB Leipzig have not drawn in their last 10 Champions League matches for almost a year.
  • Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip and Diogo Jota are among the main Liverpool players to be withdrawn from the game against Leipzig.
  • Leipzig remains on 4 victories in a row since the end of January. As for the Liverpool Reds, they have lost their 3 games since the beginning of February.

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