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PSG won 27 million in 30 minutes from Messi

PSG won 27 million in 30 minutes from Messi

The hysteria surrounding the attraction of Lionel Messi to PSG continues. After the official presentation of the Argentine superstar earlier, the fans bought all the available pieces of his T-shirt from all the stores of the French grand in just thirty minutes.

Parisians announced a profit from the sale of 250,000 T-shirts with the name and number of the Argentine in the official fan shop on the club's website.

In 30 minutes, 27 million euros for the T-shirts with Messi's name and number entered the box office of Paris Saint-Germain.

Those wishing to get the T-shirt of the new Parisian superstar will have to wait until September 30. The visiting team will be available only on October 14.

Due to the high demand, fans have to pay as much as 158 euros for the valuable T-shirt.

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