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Pele left the intensive care unit in Sao Paulo

Pele left the intensive care unit in Sao Paulo

World football legend Pele has been moved to a regular room after he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo yesterday.

This was announced by the Brazilian himself, who wrote in an Instagram post: "My friends, I am still recovering very well. Today I was visited by members of my family and I continue to smile every day. Thank you for all the love I receive from you.

Earlier this month, the 80-year-old three-time world champion underwent surgery to have a colon tumor removed and is still unable to return to normal after surgery.

Pele was expected to return home shortly after leaving the intensive care unit at a hospital in Sao Paulo on Tuesday. However, his condition worsened as the cause was thought to be acid reflux and he was returned to the intensive care unit on Friday.

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