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Pele congratulated Cristiano on the record

Pele congratulated Cristiano on the record

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the 3-1 victory as a guest of Cagliari in the 27th round of Serie A. Thus, the Portuguese already has 770 goals in his career and became the best goal scorer of all time in football. .

After the match, Cristiano posted a message on Instagram, in which he explained the record he improved.

who has not been raised without listening to stories about his matches, his goals and his achievement, I am no exception. For this reason, I am filled with joy and pride as I acknowledge the achievement that puts me at the top of the world goalscorers, leaving Pele's record, something I never dreamed of growing up as a child in Madeira, "wrote Cristiano.

The legend Pele also spoke, thanking Ronaldo for the message and telling him that he admires everything he has done in his career so far.

"Cristiano, what a beautiful journey you have. I admire you and it's no secret. Congratulations on improving my record. I am publishing this photo in your honor as a symbol of our friendship that has lasted for years, "Pele wrote.

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