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Online Betting Terminology

Online Betting Terminology

The most common terms in online betting



This is a bet with 2 or more events in online bookmakers. Each of the selections must be winning in order to win. For example, if you have placed a slip with 3 football matches on the final result, then they must be profitable to get the full profit. Otherwise, your bet is losing.


Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is well known to football bettors. He gives an advantage to one of the two teams with a higher odds, while the favourite has a negative handicap and must cover it to win the bet. For example, in a match between Real Madrid and Celta Vigo, it will have an Asian handicap of -1.5 for Real Madrid. To win this bet, Real must win by at least 2 goals. On the other hand, the handicap for Celta can be +1.5 or +2.5.


Alternative lines

Odds that are higher or lower than the main published handicap or goal lines. They are found mostly in bets in basketball and football. For example, instead of over 2.5 goals, in a football match, you can bet on an alternative line over 2.0 goals - here with 2 goals in the match, your bet is cancelled, and with 3 or more goals, the bet wins.


Ante-Post Bets

These are bets that are made before the start of an event. For example, you can bet on a winner in a tournament or competition such as the Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, etc. Ante-post bets are associated with long-term events that are not currently being resolved.


Arbitrage Bets

Arbitrage bets guarantee the player a secure win. They are made in several different bookmakers using the differences in the odds. For example, if in one bookmaker the odds of a tennis match for one of the two players to win is 2.10, and in another bookmaker, the odds of success of the other tennis player are 2.05, then we have an arbitrage bet, because in both cases we will have a minimum profit.



This term may be familiar to quite a few people. It is used in horse racing bets, making it clear which of the participants has the least chance of winning. The ratio is higher than 50: 1.



A banker is a type of bet that is likely to be profitable and increase your account. There are no fixed odds for the banker type bet, and the rate can be 1.50 or 1.80 or higher.



The overall balance of the player in the account. For example, you deposit BGN 200 for betting in your account - this is your bankroll at the moment. The bankroll must be managed properly in order to have a chance to make a profit.


Free Bet

Many bookmakers offer free bets to players in the form of bonuses. With this free bet, you can make a slip without using your real funds. With the free bet, only the net profit is won. If you make a bet with a free bet worth BGN 10 at 2 odds and you win - then your net profit is BGN 10.



This is the English term for "bet". A lot of people say "today I have 2 betas". This means that the player has made two bets.


Beth Constructor

A special betting tool that allows bookmakers' customers to compose events by comparing teams in different matches. Let's say that the matches between Liverpool - Arsenal and Tottenham - Manchester United take place today. You can compare the performance of Liverpool and Manchester United.


Beth Slip

The bet slip is a term that replaces the Bulgarian word "coupon" or simply put a betting slip. In the bet slip, you will see what selections you have added to your slip.


Betting Exchange

The sports betting exchange is different from sports bookmakers. In it, each bettor becomes a bookmaker by determining the odds. However, he must wait for another player to place a FOR or AGAINST bet on his chosen selection and odds.


Number of Goals

One of the most famous markets in football betting. Here is the number of goals scored in the match - over 2.5 goals, under 2.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, under 3.5 goals, etc.



This is the English name of the market "Both teams to score a goal". BTTS (Both Teams to Score) bets are won when the match ends with goals in both gates - for example 1: 1, 2: 1, 2: 2, etc. In this type of betting, the player is not affected by the final result of the match.



The bookmaker is the company that accepts your bets on sporting events. The bookmaker pays the winning amounts to the players and wins when he loses his customers.


Bonuses and Promotions

Bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions, thanks to which customers have additional funds for betting. Most bookmakers have a new customer bonus, as well as football bonuses, recharge bonuses, loyalty bonuses and more.


Virtual Sports

In bookmakers, you will also find virtual sports for betting. These are sports that resemble real sports only in the markets and odds that are offered. Otherwise, virtual sports are not played by real people but are generated by computer software. Therefore, the outcome is more difficult to predict, as luck is largely a factor in winning bets on virtual sports.


The Grand Slam

The four largest tennis tournaments in the world - the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open. Grand Slam tournaments are among the most at stake in online bookmakers.
There are also big slam tournaments in pro golf - the British Open, the US Open, the Masters and the PGA championship are the most prestigious tournaments in this sport.



A bookmaker system that presents 8 selections in 247 columns. It includes a total of 28 double, 56 triple, 70 quadruple, 56 five, 28 six and one straight column. You must have known at least two events to win. This is the biggest bet in bookmakers.



A footballer who scores a goal in a match. Bookmakers offer bets on goal scorers in most matches and the options are First goalscorer, Last goal scorer and Goalscorer at any time in the match. If you bet on the last option, for example, you win when the player hits the match, regardless of whether he scored the first or last goal.


Grand Salami

Bookmakers offer over / under odds for the total number of goals/runs/points scored in all NFL games each day. If there are seven games in the NFL schedule, the line can be set to 36.5 combined goals with a 1.90 over/under ratio.


Double Bet or Noting

Double or nothing is offered as a bet in some casino games - you can double your winnings or lose the winnings. You can also place a double bet by doubling the amount of your previous bet.


Decimal Coefficient

The most popular type of odds in European bookmakers. It is written in decimal, and the winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the bet amount. For example, with a bet from BGN 10 to 1.50 odds, you will get back BGN 15.



A bet for equality in the match. You win with a draw in the regular 90 minutes.


Double Chance

One of the popular bets in football. The double chance gives you a 66.6% chance of winning, as it covers two of the three final outcomes of the match - 1X (home or draw), X2 (away or draw), 12 (home or away win).


Exotic bet

Out-of-popular betting options for the ultimate winner, handicap and overall.



Bookmakers set their own margin, which is their advantage over the bettor. The bookmakers' margin is most easily noticed in the markets with 2 opportunities. Let's say that in markets for under / over 2.5 goals per football match, the bookmaker has given 1.90 odds. for both options. From this, we conclude that the advantage of the bookmaker is in the remaining 0.10 to the actual odds. from 2.00 at the event.



The bet placed by the player is the amount bet on a given market in the bookmaker. A bet can be made on just one event or on 2 or more events. See our detailed article on types of bets in bookmakers.


Close Pledge

Close bet is a feature of online bookmakers that have existed for many years. The option is also called Cashout. Players have the opportunity to close their bets before an event has started or live, thus controlling their slips.
Thanks to the Close bet feature you can minimize losses as well as take a good profit before the end of the event.



Betting on an event that has already started. Bookmakers have a separate section with live meetings. The odds with them endure constant moments due to the dynamic development of the game. At each important event in the match, such as a goal or a red card in football, the odds change.



The amount that the bettor will win in a winning bet. When a bet is made, the possible payout of the slip usually includes the initial bet. If you make a bet of BGN 50 on 2 odds, then your payout will be BGN 100.



this is a bet type system that combines 5 markets, consisting of 26 columns - 10 double, 10 triple, 5 quadruple and 1 straight. At least two of the five selections must be known in order for the player to win.



The amount that is returned to the user's account in case of a losing bet. This is a promotion of bookmakers, and not every gambling operator offers it.


Kelly's criterion

A method of placing bets in which the bet is determined by the probability of winning the selection.


Odds / Rates

The odds determine the amount the player will win. They are the most important thing in bookmakers. There are different types of coefficients, the most famous of which are decimal. In foreign bookmakers, you can find more fractional and American odds. See our article on changing odds at bookmakers.



The term Line has two meanings - the current ratio for a given market; as well as an option to certain markets - for example, goal line, corner line, etc.



The limit imposes a limit on the player's account. The bettor may receive a limit if he has won dishonestly or placed suspicious bets. With a limit, you will be able to bet a maximum of 1-2 BGN from your account and you will be able to play for very low winnings.


Lucky 15 / Lucky 31

Type of system bet. Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets on 4 selections, while the other option consists of 31 bets on 5 selections.



Live broadcast translated into Bulgarian. Bookmakers have a Livestream that broadcasts live sports events and you can watch them in real-time while betting.



A match bet is a type of bet that combines the final outcome of the match and the number of goals in the match or the goal/goal option. You can make a match to win the host and both teams to score a goal or other similar type of bet. Match bet odds are quite attractive.



The margin of the bookmakers is the difference between the realistic and the odds released by the bookie. Let's say that an event with 2 possibilities, where the odds are 50 to 50 and the real odds are 2.00, the bookmaker offers odds. from 1.90. The one-tenth difference remains, which is the margin (commission) of the gambling operator.


Money Line

This is a well-known bet with American bookmakers. Means a bet for the end result.


Multiple pledges

Combined bet with 2 or more selections. There are many types of multiple bets in bookmakers, and it is also called a straight column.



The top event of the day on which most people bet and it is worth predicting.


Over / Under

The Over and Under markets are among the most popular in betting. The player must predict whether there will be less than or more goals or points in the sport. In football, the most popular is the bet under / over 2.5 goals. While in tennis, for example, under / over 2.5 sets.



This is said for events where the probability of winning is 100% or more. However, such events are not added to online bookmakers.


Expected goals (xG)

A term from football statistics that reviews the team's performance so far. Goals scored, penalties were taken, total attacks, etc. are taken into account. indicators by making a forecast of the team's performance in the upcoming match.



Option to bet on a sporting event.



A term that in America replaces a straight column. The parlay bet includes 2 or more events up to the maximum set by the bookmaker.



Multiple selections, which consists of 7 columns for 3 events - three singles, three doubles and one straight.



Bonus for active players in bookmakers. With this offer, you can get a bonus amount on your next deposit.


First half

Most sporting events consist of first and second halves. Bukits offer many options for betting on the first half of football, basketball, handball, futsal and more.


First goalscorer

A bet for the player who will score the first goal of the match.



This is a market in the bookmaker, where a player is predicted to score a goal in the match and the final exact result. You only win if you guess both options.



Like exotic bets, special bets are added to a competition as they are a variety of common betting options. Hundreds of special offers are offered during major events such as the World Cup or the European Championships.


Betting strategy

Different plans that bettors use to gain an advantage over bookmakers. Basic betting strategies should include the proper management of the bank account and the conduct of research before placing a bet on an event.



An analyst who gives football predictions or tips for betting on other sporting events.


Exact result

Bettors are offered a list of possible final results in the match. In football, players can bet on a match, finishing 0-0 or 5-0 plus all the results in between. The most likely result is a favourite and the least likely result is an outsider.



Combo bet in the bouquets, composed of a goal scorer and a winner in the match. For example, you can bet on Lionel Messi to score a goal and Barcelona to win the match.



The player or team with the lower odds to win the match. The favourite can be a team with 1.10 odds in the match, as well as with 1.50 odds in the match, etc. Usually teams/players with up to 1.70 odds. to win are big favourites.



Used in racing and horse racing. This is a bet on which the first two participants in the final standings are expected. Ie you have to predict who will win and who will finish second to win the bet.



This is the name of the European handicap, and at the beginning of the article, we introduced you to the Asian one. Handicap is available in almost all football matches, basketball matches and tennis matches. You have the option to bet on a handicap for the host, a draw or the guest. Your prediction must be successful with the addition of the final result. For example, if you bet on a handicap of 0: 2 for the guest, the result must be a victory for the guest, a draw or success for the host with a maximum of one goal to win.



Every bettor must know the basic terms in betting. With this guide, we hope to introduce you in detail to the terminology of online betting in bookmakers. If new terms appear in betting, we will add to this list so that we can be of maximum benefit to readers who do not have ambiguity about betting in online bookmarks.

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