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Northern Ireland - Bulgaria Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Northern Ireland - Bulgaria Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Bulgaria is time to rise!

What have you all hung your nose? And you do not dare to look at the screen when the national team of Bulgaria plays.

Some even stop not hearing the sound when the commentator announces another goal of Switzerland or Italy.

I have to tell you that nothing terrible happened. And you will find out exactly in this match.

Football is a series game at all levels. And now our positive one will begin.

I still do not believe such accusations that you see Yasen Petrov had taken the team just to be written in his CV.

And his agent then find him a good future contract.

I also do not believe the accusations that some football players at a very old age were called again just to register their participation.

And then sell well.

We had 8 or 30 years old and there was no rejuvenation. Well, we need experience, people, experience.

Northern Ireland is bad too!

Now you can safely view this match in Belfast as the equivalent of a 6-point match between two teams in any championship fighting for survival.

Here it is a question of who will lose their 4 meetings with Switzerland and Italy with less. And among themselves to determine the 3rd in the group.

Anyway, why are you taking Northern Ireland so seriously?

As they have not won a single game in 10 games under the expert guidance of their new coach.

And why do you even think football in this country is more advanced than ours? We're not talking about rugby, though.

Among other things, we have no loss to Northern Ireland in this century. We beat them everywhere.

Forecast for North Ireland - Bulgaria

What most often happens in a relegation match?

Well, yes, exactly - equality. However, now my idea is different.

These two teams are very difficult to score. Like typical teams from the bottom. So one goal can solve everything.

And that's exactly how surprises happen.

Who determined this goal to be in our door?

I also don't agree that we play old-fashioned. Trying to center in the penalty area of ​​the opponent from the middle of the field.

Well, this is exactly the way to find the two-meter Andrei Galabinov and to score.

Spas Delev has also recovered and rested after not playing against Italy.

All the forces of Bulgaria were focused on this particular match with Northern Ireland and the victory in it.

As the late Ivan Vutsov once said: "This qualification is only a preparation for the next one."

In a match between such weak teams there can be no favorite.

If there is, we just thank the bookmaker and get the better odds. And always with a bet above the average.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • S. Ireland have not won their last 12 games: 0-5-7.
  • S. Ireland is in a series of 7 households without a win: 0-3-4.
  • Bulgaria has won just 1 of its last 11 games: 1-2-8.
  • Bulgaria has not won in its last 10 away games: 0-4-6.

Last 5 Northern Ireland matches:

03/28/21 PS S. Ireland USA 1: 2 З
03/25/21 SC Italy S. Ireland 2: 0 З
11/18/20 LN S. Ireland Romania 1: 1 Р
11/15/20 LN Austria S. Ireland 2: 1 З
11/12/20 LN S. Ireland Slovakia 1: 2
(1: 1)

Last 5 matches of Bulgaria:

03/28/21 SC Bulgaria Italy 0: 2 З
03/25/21 SC Bulgaria Switzerland 1: 3 З
11/18/20 LN Ireland Bulgaria 0: 0 Р
11/15/20 LN Bulgaria Finland 1: 2 З
11.11.20 PS Bulgaria Gibraltar 3: 0 P

Last 5 direct meetings:

02/06/08 PS S. Ireland Bulgaria 0: 1
06/02/2001 SC S. Ireland Bulgaria 0: 1
March 28, 2001 SC Bulgaria S. Ireland 4: 3
05/02/79 EP S. Ireland Bulgaria 2: 0
11/29/78 EP Bulgaria S. Ireland 0: 2

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