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Napoli vs Juventus Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Napoli vs Juventus Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

The second Saturday's destination is Naples and Stadium Diego Armando Maradona, where Napoli and Juventus meet in a match of the third round of Serie A. In the last few seasons, these clashes are very tense and contested, the situation today, although at the beginning of the championship is such that the expectations are for a new good match.

Napoli entered the race well, with four other teams having a total of six points. Thus, from the very beginning, he clearly stated his claims to be ahead of this fifth place, minimally and dramatically ahead of the second Milan by only two points, and only a point from Atalanta and today's guests. Already at the head of the "Sky Blues" is the very experienced Luciano Spalletti replaced Gennaro Gattuso, of course, it is too early to say whether this change will be a successful move and the team's entry into the top 4 in Serie A in fierce competition. The team has experienced players, unfortunately, many of the important starters are currently out of the squad for various reasons - Zhelinski, Mertens, Meret and Deme are injured, Osimen was penalized for receiving a red card, Chofi is ill and Insigne for personal reasons.

Juventus continues to worry with the performances of its faithful fans both in Italy and its supporters in Europe and the world. After nine consecutive titles, instead of the tenth, the "Bianconeri" remained only fourth last season, were eliminated only in the 1/8 finals defeated by Porto, to the delight of complete collapse saved them won the Italian Cup. And here we have a change of coaches, instead of Andrea Pirlo, at the head of the "Old Lady" is also a more experienced specialist - Massimiliano Allegri, of course without Cristiano Ronaldo left in the direction of PSG. Unsatisfied, the start of the season started badly - only 2: 2 away in Udine against Udinese and the shocking loss of newcomer Empoli at the Allianz Stadium in Turin with 0: 1. Are these the real capabilities of a team full of stars and nationals from a bunch of countries? Nicolusi, Cayo Jorge and Ramsey are injured,

Here are the results of the last three championships - 2018 - 2019 - two victories for Juventus with 3: 1 at home and 2: 1 as guests. In 2019 - 2020 - success for the hosts - 4: 3 for the "Zebras" and 2: 1 for Napoli. Last season again the same - 1: 0 for the Sky Blues. They exchanged victories in the final of the Italian Cup - a victory with penalties after 0: 0 for "Juve" and 2: 0 for Napoli for the Super Cup. Today with a little, the favourites are the hosts, the tips are only two - 1 and 1X double chance. We allow ourselves to direct you to the third option, obtained in 5 of the last 6 championship matches - goal/goal prediction and good luck for everyone!

Napoli plays better than Juventus

I start directly with the comparative analysis of what the two teams have shown in the 2 Serie A matches played so far.

Napoli achieved two victories.

Against a newly promoted team - Venice. And against one of the bottom half of the standings last season - Genoa.

This was exactly the profile of Juventus' rivals.

But they drew against them (Udinese) and lost (Empoli).

The big difference was that Napoli outplayed their rivals according to xG data.

And Juventus lost to them to Udine. Where equality was even a success for them.

But they were unlucky in losing to Empoli. Where the Bianconeri even had to win.

How to cope in attack and defense

Overall, we can say that Napoli have performed almost twice as well as Juventus in defense.

But with one goal from a penalty for Torino.

It's as if the statistics of the two teams in defense are still equal.

In attack, however, Juventus were almost twice as effective. The Sky Blues scored one goal from a penalty.

This is briefly the so-called. technical analysis.

Who, with balanced defensive and better offensive indicators, seemed to tip the scales in favor of the guests.

Prediction for Napoli - Juventus

Yes but no.

It turned out that here the forecast will be most strongly influenced by statistics. And from the news about both teams.

I do not claim complete accuracy and completeness. But the approximate situation is as follows.

Napoli's team is in a good mood.

And typically Neapolitan, they even allowed themselves to make a nice lotto in a friendly match on the 6th of this month.

When with almost all of their available major players lost 1-5 to Benevento.

It was wide around their necks. Because they only sent guard David Ospina and striker Irving Losano to South America.

And the latter will even have time to be in the squad for the upcoming match.

At the same time, there was silence around Juventus.

Anyway, after a total of 8 and at best at least their players went on a trip to South America.

That's how the scales tipped in the direction of Napoli for that reason.

If equality for Juve was originally a minimum goal, now it is a maximum.

However, the teams from the North have a hard time winning at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. It won't happen now.

And although a draw is also very likely, I will prefer success for the hosts in my prediction.

The conditions are right for this to happen.

Average bet size. No way, it's a derby.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Napoli have lost just 1 of their last 18 games: 14-3-1.
  • He has over 2.5 goals in 6 of Napoli's last 7 games.
  • Juventus is without a win in the first 2 rounds of Serie A: 0-1-1.
  • Juventus is in a series of 22 consecutive games without a clean sheet .
  • He has over 2.5 goals in 11 of Juventus' last 12 games.

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