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Napoli put Juventus on its knees

Napoli put Juventus on its knees

Napoli beat Juventus 1-0 at the San Paolo Stadium in the super derby of the 22nd round of the Italian Serie A. The home team's captain Lorenzo Insigne scored from a penalty in the 31st minute.

The match started with pressure from the guests. In the 14th minute Federico Bernardeschi shot out, and Insigne immediately responded with another inaccurate shot. In the 17th minute, the hosts had a claim for a penalty for playing with Kiellini's hand, but such did not follow. 


In the 28th minute, when Kielini was fouled, Amir Rahmani hit his head with his hand and this time Daniele Doveri received a signal to review the situation through VAR. Then he pointed to the white dot, and with a great shot from there Insigne scored his goal №100 for Napoli , which he dedicated to his partner. By the end of the half, the striker, Juan Cuadrado and Chiesa, made unsuccessful shots.

In the first seconds of the second half Morata shot with his head, but past the door. Shortly afterwards, Ronaldo failed to sign. In the 49th minute Meret saved a volley from the Portuguese from about two meters away. Two minutes later, Cristiano made an inaccurate direct free kick. In the 57th minute, when he learned another foul, Chiesa made a powerful shot, which was deflected by Meret. 

In the 62nd Morata sent the ball into his net, but once again this season his goal was not recognized. This time it was an ambush by his assisted Kielini. 

In the 68th reserve Alex Sandro tried a shot that did not find the target. In the 74th minute, the Bianconeri organized a dangerous counterattack, but Ronaldo decided to shoot from a small angle and Meret kicked the ball into a corner.


1: 0 Insigne (31 'd.)

Napoli: Meret, Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Maksimovic, Rui, Bakayoko, Zielinski, Politano, Insigne, Lausanne, Osimen

Juventus: Szczesny, Cuadrado, De Licht, Chiellini, Danilo, Bernardeschi, Bentancourt, Rabio, Chiesa, Morata, Ronaldo

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