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Murphy's 10 Laws on Football Predictions and Betting

Murphy's 10 Laws on Football Predictions and Betting

Leave for a while the betting calculators and the search for reliable football predictions .

And look for your sense of humor. And have fun with Murphy's betting laws :

  1. The matches you didn't bet on turn out the way you thought they would. If you bet on them, everything goes wrong.
  2. Your sure predictions like "concrete" do not come out. The predictions you doubted come out without a problem.
  3. The hard match, which you combined in several slips, does not come out. The other matches come out easily.
  4. A team interrupts its long winning streak the moment you bet on it.
  5. A team does not win as long as you bet on it. The moment you give up and don't bet on this team, it beats easily.
  6. The most played matches come out regularly, of course, until you decide to play them.
  7. If your team leads by 2 goals, it almost always misses the victory. If the other team leads with 2 goals, it never allows a turnaround. This law can be neutralized by the offer Early payment with 2 goals advance .
  8. If your team receives a red card, it despairs and loses. If the other team receives a red card, it always works wonders of heroism and succeeds.
  9. When you close a bet for a safe but small win, the slip comes out without a problem. When you don't close, something goes wrong.
  10. A successful tipster enters a long black series the moment you decide to bet on his predictions.
  • And a bonus law: When and on what to bet in an Inter match, you're always fucked.

And can you add a law to this list? Write it as a comment below the article.

Otherwise, Murphy's real law sounds like this:

If something goes wrong, rest assured that it will get worse!

And Murphy's Philosophy reads:

Smile… Tomorrow will be worse.

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