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Monaco vs Shakhtar Donetsk Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Monaco vs Shakhtar Donetsk Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Monaco vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Monaco does not have a season start as it wanted. In the first two stages of Ligue 1, he won only one point. It is true that he put participation in the Champions League first, in order to qualify in groups. Only he loses precious points in the battle for the title in France, where PSG seems to be marching again. In the European competition, he entered directly in the third round, where he passed without problems Sparta Prague (2-0 and 3-1). Kevin Volland is one of the most important offensive players.

Shakhtaris is known as a constant presence in the Champions League groups. The best results came on the road, where they rarely give up. He also entered the third round and passed Genk with a double victory, with the same score 2-1. It is a band with a lot of experience, hard to eliminate. Lassina Traore is one of the youngest strikers proposed by the guests.
It rarely happened that Shakhtar did not score away, regardless of the opponent. Our proposal is Shakhtar scores at least once.

Monaco is the favorite

For this match I am trying to answer not whether there will be a home victory. Rather, what will be her expression.

It is rare for me to share the bookmaker's opinion. But here we have a complete coincidence.

And of course, I have to avoid the Unit offer that has no value. And to look for another market in this direction.

I expect Monaco to win this match by a very simple logic. And it is that there is no argument against this possibility.

Let's look at them sequentially.

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Shakhtar has no arguments

1. Shakhtar Donetsk have been in the Euro tournaments and in their group stages for 20 years.

While Monaco do it not only less often. But they have even been absent from them for the last 3 years…

But do you seriously compare the Ukrainian championship, which is a competition between two horses.

And the French, in which the fight for 2nd and 3rd place is fierce.

2. Because of the first point, Shakhtar's players had more experience.

This is also ridiculous.

In your opinion, do 10 current and 7 former national players, which Monaco has, have no experience?

3. Shakhtar were a strong guest and Monaco started a weak League 1.

Well, that's remarkable nonsense.

Against whom was Shakhtar a strong guest, to be exact? And what do their victories over Genk show about their chances against Monaco?

In addition, the Monegasques deserved to win their first match in the championship against Nantes (1-1) according to xG data .

And in the second, lost 0-1 as a guest of Lorian, they also had a reserve team.

Forecast for Monaco - Shakhtar

By the way, the very last fact leads me to think that right now Monaco will reach its full potential.

And he will win by a margin.

There are two other reasons why their victory is likely to be convincing.

First of all, it is the regulation of these meetings, which presupposes an open and effective game.

The rule is that your loss is a loss. And the degree of severity is not very different for the loser.

The second reason is some of the Brazilian absences for Shakhtar Donetsk specifically for the match.

The victory with a difference for Monaco cannot be with only 46% probability to happen, according to the bookmaker.

That is, I must take advantage of his misjudgment.

Average bet size for my forecast for Monaco - Shakhtar.

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Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Monaco have lost only 2 of their last 10 games: 5-3-2.
  • Shakhtar have lost only 1 of their last 9 games: 7-1-1.
  • He has over 2.5 goals in 6 of Shakhtar's last 7 matches.

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