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Milan - Lazio Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Milan - Lazio Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

The last clash on Sunday was the third round of Serie A, in Milan of Giuseppe Meazza Lazio is a guest of runner-up Milan. All expectations are for a very valuable match as in recent seasons between these teams, which started with full assets in this new championship.

Milan, their management and their loyal fans start another season with the same dream, the 19th title in "Calcio", which has been eluding them for many seasons. In the new century, there were only two triumphs - in 2004 and the last ten years ago - in 2011. In the last championship they were overtaken only by the city rivals Inter, but quite convincingly with 12 points behind, it is good that they still kept the second position in the last rounds with a minimal lead over the next three rivals. At the head of the "Rossoneri" is again Stefano Pioli, the backbone of the team is preserved, plus the attraction of several great players such as Olivier Giroud, who has already scored two goals in the success over Sampdoria with 1: 0 as a guest and 4: 1 at this terrain above Cagliari. Today is a serious test against a serious guest, it's a pity that Giroud is sick,

Lazio finished sixth, just after the big five in the last race, there is no doubt that they are starting the new one with the idea of ​​being in the big four again, despite the huge competition. The "Eagles" set off under the leadership of the experienced Maurizio Sari, who replaced Simone Inzaghi, a young man in the difficult profession of football coach. They were literally taken first as a guest Empoli with 3: 1, then at the Olympico in Rome with 6: 1 and La Spezia, and in their ranks again shone the national Ciro Imobile with 4 goals, also the Spaniard Luis Alberto with a goal and three assists. Of course, today the rivals are of a different size and for them the match is the first serious test that will show their true capabilities. Adekanie is traumatized, the condition of Cataldi and Lazari is in doubt.

In 2018 - 2019 - 1: 1 in Rome and a victory for Milan at home with 1: 0. In 2019 - 2020 - success for the guests - 2: 1 for Lazio and 3: 0 for the "Devils". In the last championship they exchanged victories again, but on their own field - 3: 2 on this field for Milan and 3: 0 for the Eagles. You see, a lot of equal forces, the hosts are favorites and the tips are only three - over 2.5 goals, no goal and 1. We allow ourselves to recommend a fourth option, which was true only in three of the last six direct matches, but in our opinion very possible at the moment.

Milan and Lazio will be careful

The media is heating up this derby in all sorts of ways.

From so much information around him, there is really very little useful for us gamblers.

First of all, it should be noted that only 5 teams have a full asset of points at the start of the season. And two of them are exactly those.

At the same time, Juventus, for example, failed to do so.

And that, among other things, means that both Milan and Lazio can look for an advantage in the title fight.

However, one rule is true. According to which at such an early stage titles are not won, but lost.

This is the reason for the large number of draws in this type of match.

How the teams perform

Lazio seemed to have lighter rivals in the face of Empoli and La Spezia. But they also outperformed them in terms of xG data .

This was not exactly the case with Milan. And they lost on this indicator to Sampdoria, despite the victory.

It is also noteworthy that two of the goals for the Rossoneri were from static positions. Penalty and direct free kick.

Lineup news

The news around Milan after the break is good.

Because even though they sent 14 national footballers, now almost all of them are available.

Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic was ready to take part in the meeting.

In Lazio, the problems seem to be of a psychological nature.

Their goal scorer Ciro Imobile was accused of poor play in the national team.

And he was even released from the team for his last meeting.

Of course, in order to preserve his dignity, the official version was that he had a muscle problem.

But whatever the truth, if he takes part in today's meeting, he may be limited in his performance.

Fact: Olivier Giroud is Milan's top scorer in Serie A with 2 goals. Ciro Imobile has 4 goals for Lazio.

Forecast for Milan - Lazio

However, in such matches it is not so much the attacks, but the level of defense that determines the final outcome.

At least everything is fine there in both teams.

Another small problem was the condition of Manuel Lazari from Lazio. But it looks like he's on the line now.

And look at how overall there seems to be a slight advantage in favor of Milan.

However, I believe that both Stefano Pioli and Maurizio Sari will submit their ideas to the rule I have shared with you.

And they will shake hands after a grandmaster draw.

This will show that they have maintained the momentum of the results before the break.

Average bet for this forecast for Milan - Lazio.

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Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Milan is in a series of 12 games without a loss: 8-4-0.
  • Lazio is in a series of 7 games without a loss: 5-2-0.
  • Has scored in 5 of Lazio's last 6 games.

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