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Messi is with COVID-19

Messi is with COVID-19

The great star of Paris Saint-Germain and world football Lionel Messi has tested positive for coronavirus, the club announced. A few hours ago, Parisians announced that tests performed on the team and the coaching staff before the team's first training session in 2022 showed that four players and one member of the staff have COVID-19. It has now become clear that one of the infected is Messi. 

The other three PSG players with coronavirus are Juan Bernat, Sergio Rico and Nathan Bitumazala. Mauricio Pochettino's next match is on Monday (January 3rd). Then the team will visit Van in the tournament for the French Cup.

As for Messi, he will spend the quarantine in his homeland, where he was for the holidays, and after giving a negative test he will be able to return to France.

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