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Maurizio Sari will be Roma's next coach

Maurizio Sari will be Roma's next coach

Roma's management has stopped its choice on Maurizio Sari, who will have to replace Paulo Fonseca as the coach of the club, reports "Corriere dello Sport".

According to the information, the Roma bosses have come to the conclusion that they must part with Fonseca at any cost after the last defeat of the "Jaloros" by Roma. The choice of management factors at the club is up to Sari, who will take over the team if the two sides manage to reach an agreement on the terms.

Sari's agent, Fali Ramadani, has played a key role in the negotiations.

Roma have already decided to take Sari as coach, and the details will be finalized when Ramadani comes to Rome and meets with CEO Thiago Pinto. This will happen in the coming days.

The Friedkin family has the final say on the selection of a new team coach. The owners of the club chose Sari because of his enthusiasm and ability to increase the value of young players.

Sari led Juventus to the ninth consecutive scudetto last season, but then Andrea Agnelli fired him.

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