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Manchester United vs Roma Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Manchester United vs Roma Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Europa League is Goal No. 1

In this match, two teams meet, which no longer have anything to achieve in the championships of their countries.

And while Manchester United have secured a place in the Champions League.

It has a place for Roma only in the new UEFA League of the Conference. This is only the third level of European club football.

It turns out that all the forces of both teams will be focused on winning the Europa League.

And there is no other way, since they are already at the semifinal level.

Manchester United will be careful

Among the football folklore is commented the very curious fact that this is the level at which a black cat passes the way of Solskjaer.

He has already lost 4 semifinals. The last of which was from Sevilla again in the same tournament.

This fact, of course, has its effect. But not in some superstitious sense.

And simply because it will make everyone at Manchester United much more focused and responsible.

A clear demonstration was the zero draw with Leeds. In which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave a break to Pogba, Cavani and Matic.

Is Man United a weak host?

It is as if I immediately hear some critics of the Red Devils who say they are not a convincing host.

Nothing of the kind.

Just when you are incredibly strong as a guest, you get the false impression of difficulties at home.

The truth is that only Man City and West Ham have scored more points at home than Manchester United this season in the Premier League.

And Man Yun are the second most successful host.

Apart from being a strong host, there is another important trend for the Red Devils.

After Leicester and West Ham, they are the third team in the Premier League to be involved in the most matches.

The 4th Serie A team will face them in this match.

Roma is an offensive team

Roma's strong years are long gone.

But in the last 2 seasons with the arrival of Paulo Fonseca, it can definitely be said that the team is progressing.

They finished 5th for the first time. And they secured participation in the Europa League.

Wolves have a lot of problems with biting. But there is no denying that Fonseca made them a very offensive team.

Both Mkhitaryan and Smalling revived under him.

And Jacko seems to be experiencing a second youth. Solskjaer also noted this fact.

In attack, Roma saturate with many players. Including even Veretu and Pellegrini.

The Wolves had also completely written off their last championship game with the Europa League in mind.

What are the disadvantages of Roma?

The big problem of this team is the lack of physical strength. As well as speed in the middle of the field.

Which does not allow them to make a rapid transformation from attack phase to defense phase.

And from there they allow a lot of hits when they meet a strong counter-attack opponent like today.

There are even interesting statistics.

According to which the players from the Roma midfield are one of the most frequently entering, but also losing single combats with opponents.

Experienced opposing players have no problem overtaking and feigning them.

Prediction for Man United - Roma

With all this factual picture and the great importance of the match, I expect a home victory for Manchester United.

As well as many violations by the guests from Roma, which lead to at least 2 cards for them in the match.

High stakes for this combined forecast.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Man United is in a series of 6 games without a loss: 5-1-0.
  • Man Yun is in a series of 10 homeless games: 6-4-0.
  • He has under 2.5 goals in the last 5 games of Man Yun in the Europa League.
  • Roma have not won in their last 4 matches: 0-2-2.
  • Goal / Goal & Over 2.5 have in Roma's last 5 away games.

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