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Manchester United vs Liverpool Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Manchester United vs Liverpool Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

The most popular derby in England between the two most successful football teams Manchester United and Liverpool is to be played today at the "Dream Theater" Old Trafford. This is a match from the 9th round of the Premier League, the guests arrive with 4 points in advance.

Manchester United have suffered four defeats in all competitions in their last eight matches, two of which were for the championship in the last three rounds - 0: 1 on this field from Aston Villa and a week ago with 2: 4 from Leicester as a guest. However, the "Red Devils" enter the mood in this cult clash, after they managed to make an impressive turn from 0: 2 to 3: 2 on Wednesday against Atalanta in the Champions League with goals from Rashford, Maguire and defeated by Ronaldo in the 81st minute. . So for a moment Solskjaer can rest, but there is no time to calm down against a team in much better shape and not defeated since the beginning of March for the championship.

Liverpool continued their great performances, defeating Spanish champions Atletico Madrid at Wanda Metropolitano 3-2. "Merseysiders" have the strongest attack in the League with 22 goals, as Salah is the leader among the goal scorers with 7 goals, they are no worse and they invite him Mane with 5, Firmino with 4 and Jota with 3. The defense is also quite stable, conceding only 6 goals. Not to be overlooked, Jurgen Klopp's men are the only ones not defeated, and their series, as we mentioned, is from March and already includes 18 matches for the Premier League alone. Of course, the statement is also valid here, the winners in such matches can make a long positive series and the "Reds" will try to repeat that memorable and last 4: 2 on this field from the middle of May.

Here are the direct matches from the last three seasons - 2018 - 2019 - 3: 1 for Liverpool at home and 0: 0 at this stadium. In the next league - again the same - 1: 1 at Old Trafford and 2: 0 for "Merseysiders" at Anfield. During the last campaign Manchester scored a draw as a guest - 0: 0, but as we mentioned failed here with 2: 4. The guests have an advantage in the given rates, the tips are for goal / goal, over 2.5 goals and almost the opposite 1X and 2. We in this match without pretending to be original will recommend the top math option based on the last three games on this field - two for the championship and one for the FA Cup - goal / goal prediction

Manchester United is under pressure

What is happening with Man Yun can be best determined by former football greats who have not severed ties with the club.

And they are watching him closely.

I'm talking about people like Jesper Blomqvist, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes.

The most important points of their analyzes are approximately the following.

1. Manchester United is going through a period of change.

In which he supposedly had to add to his skills in counter-attacking style and ability to apply gradual attacks.

So far, this is not only not happening. But the team also seems to have completely lost its image.

2. Solskjaer does not seem to be able to use it properly, that is, to properly arrange the players he has.

And incoming transfers of new players further confuse him in his choice.

3. The Red Devils are presented only as individuals, but not as a collective.

And so far only the talent of individual players brings results .

4. With the attraction of Varan and Sancho, the defense and attack were strengthened.

But the connection between them was broken. And the team is in dire need of a defensive midfielder to restore it.

So far, none of the offensive players of the team has defensive functions.

5. Manchester United have only 1 dry net in their last 14 home games. And that explains everything about their defensive play.

It is especially worrying that they allow a lot of goals from static positions.

Leicester scored 2 of them last. And Atalanta's second goal was after a corner.

6. Only three teams - Norwich, Newcastle and Brighton, put less pressure on their rivals than Man United.

Which is also their great weakness.

For this meeting, Rashford is again in question. Varan misses the match. And Maguire has not fully recovered.

There are 5 very difficult matches of the team ahead. And the future of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer probably depends on them.

Liverpool are looking at the title again

For Liverpool, everything seems to be going more than perfectly. And the media is constantly reinforcing this impression with positive news about them.

The team not only enjoys results. Being the only ones without a loss in the English Premier League.

But the Merseysiders are also winged by the obvious difficulties faced by all their direct rivals for the title.

Prediction for Man United - Liverpool

All the mood is in the direction of victory for Liverpool in this derby.

My idea of ​​forecasting, however, is different.

I know from experience that such "obvious" guidelines for the final outcome, even in a derby match, never lead to the choice of a successful bet.

I prefer to focus on a more attractive trend.

Manchester United under Solskjaer are the kings of the Champions League reversal after a two-goal deficit.

Against Atalanta, this was done for the third time.

Since the beginning of last season, there is no other team from the Premier League that has won more points after falling behind in the result of the Red Devils - 35 points.

If a ranking is made according to the results achieved in the second half, United would be in 2nd place after Liverpool.

These curious statistics give me reason to assume that in the upcoming match, Man Yun will probably have a stronger performance in the second half.

At the same time, there are two other important points.

First, teams that play with intense high press, and Liverpool is just that, for higher reasons, perform better in the first half.

When they are fresher.

In addition, the Old Trafford pitch is one of the largest. And it further exhausts pressing teams as time goes on.

For these reasons, I expect Liverpool to be more successful in the First Half and Manchester United in the Second.

There are several options for football prediction on this basis. And I decided to try one of them.

Top facts and statistics

  • Man United  is in a series of 3 games without a victory in the league: 0-1-2.
  • Man United is in a series of 9 games  without a clean sheet .
  • Liverpool  is in a series of 16 games without a loss: 12-4-0.
  • Liverpool have scored 3+ goals in their last 8 away games.
  • He has over 2.5 goals  in his last 9 games against Liverpool.
  • Liverpool have lost just 1 of their last eight games with Man Yun: 4-3-1.

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