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Manchester City vs PSG Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Manchester City vs PSG Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

The war of the Sheikhs!

You know how often the phrase "the stakes are high" is used to emphasize the importance of a football match.

This is done figuratively.

And we mean more the sporting achievement and possibly the related financial benefits.

In this match, however, finances are irrelevant. And this is literally the biggest bet in the Arab world.

These are politics and world prestige.

Some call the match Manchester City - Paris Saint-Germain "the war of the sheikhs". And this is the truth itself.

A financial consortium from Qatar owns PSG. And another one, but from the UAE owns Man City.

Political relations between the two countries have been strained for many years.

Now the conflict has spread to the football field.

The huge investments in both clubs led to success in the championships of both teams.

But generals also want worldwide recognition. Only the Champions League title matters.

And while PSG are close to her several times. And it was as if they were touching her before she slipped away.

It is now time for Manchester City to repay the generous employers.

What happened in the first match?

The media is flooded with statements from both coaches and players from both teams.

There is so much information available.

That it is difficult to single out what would be useful for us bettors in addition to the usual clichés.

At first I was impressed that the first meeting was commented on everywhere. Which ended in a 2-1 victory for the Citizens.

And besides the superficial comments, which focus only on the end result, there were some very rational grains.

In general, the match is divided into up to 30 minutes with a goal and total superiority for PSG.

Then from 30 to the end of the first half with a transformation in the team of Manchester City and their superiority until the end of the match.

Yes, that's right. But what actually happened and what are the reasons?

These are the only important issues. And the answers came from the two coaches.

Muiricio Pochettino (PSG) said that one of his explanations for the decline in his team's game was the accumulated exhaustion in the players.

Josep Guardiola (Man City) explained the initial weak minutes of his team with the lack of experience at this level of the tournament.

And most importantly, with the "rush of rapid attacks." Which is not the game of his team.

Citizens admit to the great dose of luck they had with both goals.

After the cross and the ridiculous intervention of the Parisian goalkeeper. And especially with the wrong wall for the second goal.

The truth, however, is that Manchester City played in their own style. And they just didn't let Paris Saint-Germain play with the ball.

This totally exhausted them. It made them nervous. And then came the individual mistakes and the red card.

Manchester City - PSG: The rematch!

Let's try now to imagine what the rematch would look like.

I will only add that in the first match the idea of ​​Manchester City was simply not to lose the match. And everything else came as a bonus.

After 2-1 on foreign soil, it is clear that the basic idea of ​​the Citizens remains the same.

However, there are two problems:

  1. Will sports happiness come to them again.
  2. The name is Mauricio Pochettino.

I mean, the Argentine specialist is famous for his gift to be much more successful in the second matches of rematch.

He is the type who, like us in this analysis, evaluates everything from the first matches played. And makes very good adjustments.

He showed them against both Bayern Munich and the red half of Manchester.

And most importantly, against Man City years ago at the helm of Tottenham.

The citizens understood that PSG is a team that is not only very strong in counter-attacks.

But also in gradual attacks against defensive teams. Like most of League1 against them.

Therefore, the only solution is to take them out of their comfort zone. And just don't let them control the ball.

This is exactly what Manchester City will do again.

What to expect from Neymar?

I was impressed by Neymar's two statements.

One was that he was ready to die on the field in that match.

And the other is that he feels very good in the role of a playmaker. He loves to assist and dribble.

Well, all this is more than fertile ground for at least a yellow card for Neymar, regardless of the development of the match.

I don't know what else we can wish for this purpose, except to add that he is logically one of the most frequently fouled players.

Prediction for Manchester City - PSG

A double chance for Paris Saint-Germain at such a good odds is just a great thing.

Manchester City is by far the most beloved team of millions of English football fans around the world.

And the fan bets, as well as those who expect a repeat of what happened in the first match, are only in our service.

Rather large in size is my bet on this prediction.

I think it's time to make a little clarification.

Many bettors are totally confused by what these numbers from 1 to 10 are, which I indicate in the Security field.

Anyone who is serious about betting knows that a single bet is made with approximately 5% of the pot and never more.

From now on, Security 10/10 are, for example, exactly these 5% of the bank, 8/10, however, are 80% of these 5%, and so on.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Man City is in a series of 35 games without a draw: 32-0-3.
  • PSG is in a series of 12 games without a draw: 8-0-4.
  • PSG is in a series of 10 consecutive victories as a guest.
  • There are over 2.5 goals in the last 5 games of PSG.

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