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Manchester City choose between four strikers

Manchester City choose between four strikers

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola has reduced the choice of a new striker to four players, and one of the targets will almost certainly arrive at the Etihad during the summer transfer window, reports "The Times".

Guardiola's first wish is Erling Holland, who plays fantastically for Borussia Dortmund, but the question is whether the "citizens" are willing to pay more than 100 million euros for the Norwegian striker, as much as the German club wants.

Apart from Holland, this list also includes Lautaro Martinez, who may leave Inter in the summer because the new Italian champion is in a financial crisis. His transfer fee should amount to about 80m euros.

If the arrival of Holland or Lautaro does not take place, then Manchester City will try to attract Andre Silva from Eintracht Frankfurt, which will obviously be much cheaper, the question is whether he would be an adequate replacement for Sergio Aguero.

At the bottom of the list is Harry Kane, who is likely to leave Tottenham after the club failed to qualify for the Champions League. However, the English media believe that the "spurs" will not want to sell their star to a direct competitor in the Premier League.

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