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Magical six minutes and a famous twist brought the crown to Man City

Magical six minutes and a famous twist brought the crown to Man City

Manchester City made an extraordinary turnaround and won 3: 2 Aston Villa in the last 38th round of the Premier League. This is how the "citizens" secured their championship title in England!

Villa, led by Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, has resisted. The Villans took a 2-0 lead with goals from Matti Cash and Filipe Coutinho, and silence reigned at the Etihad.

But then something magical happened that completely reversed the course of events. In just 6 minutes, Josep Guardiola's men created a miracle and made a complete turnaround in the result. This happened between the 76th and 81st minute.

Reserve Ilkay Gundogan became the hero with two goals, one added by Rodri, while Kevin de Bruyne, Rahim Stirling and Alexander Zinchenko scored with assists.

At the same time, Liverpool defeated Wolverhampton 3: 1, so Man City was pressed against the wall and only a real miracle could help the "citizens".

City finished in first place with an asset of 93 points, 1 ahead of second-placed Liverpool. For Manchester, the championship is the second in a row and the fourth in the last five seasons.

From the first minutes of the match, as expected, the "citizens" pressed very hard, while Villa had come home and closed the free spaces well.

In the 9th minute came the first goal chance. Gabriel Jesus pressed Robin Olsen, but the guests passed without trouble.

Man City had a territorial advantage, but failed to organize serious attacks. In the middle of the first half, the "sky blues" made a quick counterattack. Phil Foden finished it, but couldn't find the outline of the door.

In the 31st minute, Gabriel Jesus' shot was also inaccurate. Shortly afterwards, Aston Villa realized their first chance in the match and came out shockingly ahead in the result. Luca Dean got on the left flank and centered in the penalty area. Mattie Cash jumped high and headed the ball into the net for Ederson.

Two minutes before the break, Ollie Watkins had a good opportunity. However, he led the ball for a long time and the Brazilian guard of City managed to intervene decisively.

At the beginning of the second half, a brand new Manchester City came out, much more aggressive and much more insistent, but still not precise enough in the final phase of the game.

A series of inaccurate performances began. In the 49th minute, De Bruyne shot past the goal. In the ensuing attack, Joao Cancello centered sharply parallel to the goal line, but Gabriel Jesus failed to intercept well.

In the 55th minute, with a kicked ball in front, Olli Watkins found himself face to face with Ederson. The goalkeeper managed to kick the ball off his opponent's feet. Serious suspicions of an ambush remained.

In the 69th minute it became unthinkable. Again, after a kick from the out, Aston Villa doubled their lead and silenced the Etihad. Olli Watkins deflected Olsen's pass with his head. Filipe Coutinho made a magical first touch, with which he matted the defenders of the "citizens" and with a solid blow in the lower right corner left no chance for Ederson.

Coutinho's goal seemed to unleash City's complete anger, which in five minutes made a complete turnaround. The famous turnaround started with a goal by the reserve Ilkay Gumdogan in the 76th minute. Rahim Stirling cross from the right, and the midfielder stabs the ball into the net with his head.

Seconds later, the tie was restored. Alexander Zinchenko combined with Rodri, who with a very precise shot from the edge of the penalty area sent the ball into the net of Olsen for 2: 2.

The Etihad erupted in the 81st minute when Gundogan doubled his goal in the match. The German received a great pass from Kevin de Bruyne. Gundogan was dropped on the far post and with a shot from close range could not miss - 3: 2.

Only victory suited Manchester City, so that the "citizens" to secure the title without caring about the development of the match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton. That's why Manchester approached very cautiously and controlled the ball until the end, so that there was no chance for Stevie G's team to reach the equalizer and crown Liverpool.

After the last judge's signal, many supporters rushed into great euphoria to celebrate the success with their pets.

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