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Live Matches: How to Watch Online

Live Matches: How to Watch Online

Football matches give a unique feeling and excitement to every fan. With bated breath, thinking about the upcoming match and analyzing your favourite team, the weekdays pass imperceptibly, and the weekend becomes unique.

And while the hosts of our favourite Bulgarian teams are available to visit, their visits and matches of our foreign favourites can be watched remotely.

Television broadcasting of football matches started in the middle of the last century. The shows evolved from the black-and-white picture without sound to pre-match studios with graphics and detailed presentation of statistics.

In case your cable operator does not include certain sports channels in your plan or you are on the move, rest assured. We have a solution to the problem - online live streaming of matches. A good option with which you will follow the performances of your favourite team via computer, smartphone or tablet.
The article presents the best sites for live stream sports, how to use their services and what is the picture quality.


How to watch matches on the Internet

In the packages of the cable operators, we notice a modest number of sports channels - Eurosport, Diema Extra, Max Sport. Foreign televisions have been added to some, but they come with English audio.

But as already mentioned, the TV is not the only device that can offer you a broadcast of football matches. There are dozens of live streaming sites on the Internet, where you will find many sporting events, not just football.

To access the service, you need high-speed internet and a device to connect to it. You can use smartphones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, computers, even smart TVs will do the trick. Visit the selected Livestream platform, register (if necessary) and enjoy a picture with high resolution and precise accuracy (up to 2-3 seconds delay).


Live bookmakers

Free match-watching sites deserve attention but are accompanied by ads, breaking and stopping the stream every few minutes. Therefore, our recommendation is to contact the bookmakers if you are looking for quality streaming.

Gambling operators have adapted a variety of features and extras to their platforms, one of the most used beings live streaming. More and more bookmakers combine live betting with this service, which does not bring them many dividends, but facilitates customer participation.

To be as useful as possible, we will present the bookmakers who have impressed us with the abundance of live football matches.


Live matches at Bet365

The English company has been on the market since 2000, being famous mostly for its abundant sports segment. A number of sporting events are published on the Bet365 website, and the total number of live bets for the month is over 30,000. Some of them come with commentary in Bulgarian, others with live broadcast, and to others, a 3D graphic has been added, visualizing the attacks of the teams.

What it takes to watch a live broadcast on Bet365

The bookmaker's live stream is high quality, without ads, crashing and stopping the picture. This makes it more preferred for the products of competing companies. However, to activate it, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be registered with Bet365 ;
  • To have an active balance (minimum $0.50);
  • If you do not have funds in the account, the live transfer is available with a bet made during the past 24 hours;
  • When using certain web browsers, you may need to update the flash player.

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Which football championships you can watch online at Bet365

  • FA Cup;
  • The Bundesliga;
  • League 1;
  • Austria - Bundesliga, Second League;
  • China - Super League;
  • Australia - A-League and lower divisions;
  • Serie A of Italy.

How to start the Live Streaming service at Bet365

  1. Log in to the bet365 account;
  2. Visit the "Live" section;
  3. Select an event accompanied by a video player icon;
  4. The live broadcast will start on the right;
  5. Hook it to the right sidebar to watch the meeting when visiting other pages.

Other live sports at Bet365

In the operator's platform, you will find many other sports events broadcast live. Tennis tournaments (mostly Challengers and ITF), basketball and volleyball matches, ice hockey, snooker, darts, and plenty of table tennis matches are broadcast daily.
From the live stream drop-down menu, you can view live matches to which live streaming has been added.


Live matches at Efbet

Bookmaker Efbet is the other popular brand that offers live streaming of football matches. The company is the founder of online gambling in our country, operating under its current name since 2011.

A variety of sports bets, plenty of slots and attractive live games have been added to the platform. In addition to TV matches, you will find Cash-Out, electronic quick play slip, system combinations and many other facilitating tools.
New registrations of adult Bulgarian citizens are accepted, and you can use the most convenient payment methods for deposit and withdrawal.

Requirements for watching matches online at Efbet

Efbet Livestream is available only for registered users who have a current balance (at least BGN 0.01) or have an active slip.
Bookmaker visitors who do not have an account can watch the progress of the matches through an animated visualization. It presents the action of the field and the momentary possession of the ball.

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Which championships are available to watch at the bookmaker

  • German Bundesliga;
  • Eredivisie;
  • Series A;
  • Alsvenskan League;
  • Extra class.

Many other sporting events are broadcast - tennis, ice hockey, table tennis, basketball, etc.

Launch of efbet live stream

  1. Log in or register;
  2. Make sure you have funds in the balance or an active slip;
  3. Visit the "Live" section;
  4. Select an event to which a “TV” icon has been added;
  5. Start the live stream on the right side of the site and watch without interruption.


Live matches in 1xbet

1xBet is a Russian gambling operator - a leader in streaming events. Thousands of matches are added to the bookmaker's website every month, available for various bets. You can bet not only on top sports but also try many non-standard options, including cockfighting, reality TV, politics, show business and more.

The company has been operating worldwide since 2007, but in the last 2-3 years, it has gained popularity in Bulgaria. It enjoys a large audience, which is attracted mainly by the variety, live broadcast of matches, appetizing odds and incentive bonuses.

What do you need to watch a live broadcast in 1hbet?

  • Unlike competing operators, which require a current balance or an active slip, 1xBet does not impose such conditions.
  • Each registered user can start the desired match and enjoy high-tech streaming.
  • To join the 1xBet bookmaker, use a social network profile, email or phone.

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Which football championships are broadcast online in 1xBet

  • German Bundesliga;
  • Swiss Super League;
  • Russian Premier League;
  • Ukraine First and Second League;
  • First League of the Czech Republic;
  • Ekstraklasa;
  • And many others.

In addition to football, events from other sports have been added to the 1xBet stream channel. It is no coincidence that the platform is used by users as a substitute for paid TV channels.

How to watch a match live in the bookmaker 1xbet

  1. Register or log in to an existing account;
  2. Select the "Live" link from the main menu;
  3. Select an appointment to which a "Live" icon has been added;
  4. Enable Adobe Flash Player;
  5. Watch the match without interruption.


Common problems when watching matches through bookmakers

Watching matches online has its unpleasant moments, although gambling companies strive to minimize them. Among the most common problems are Internet outages and the weak connection provided by providers. This leads to a slow-loading and tearing of the picture, which is annoying for viewers. That's why it's important to choose your ISP based on the quality of the connection and the speed of the Internet it offers.

A match that is connected to the live stream may be interrupted without warning. A similar practice is observed in illegal web bookmakers, which broadcast matches without TV rights. Within a few minutes, a new stream player is added, from which users can continue watching the event.


Other sites for watching matches online

Online bookmakers are not the only web destination for watching matches online. There are dozens of free sites that add streams to the most interesting sporting events.

Among the best live stream sites are:

  • Livetv.sx;
  • SportHub.fun;
  • SportLemon;
  • Stream Hunter;
  • DreamSports.tv.

The unpleasant moments that accompany the use of these sites are related to the pop-up of ads. Windows and tabs with links to betting platforms open. Using Ad-Blocker does not help, as sites require the plugin to be disabled before the live stream starts.


Football matches on TV

Football fans in Bulgaria enjoy a number of sports channels that broadcast the most interesting championships.
Free sports programs are Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Nova Sport, Ring, which broadcast not only football but also many other sports - athletics, cycling, snooker, martial arts, motorcycling.

For several years, native sports fans have been receiving bonus channels by paying a monthly subscription. A similar service is offered by Diema Extra (Diema Sport and Diema Sport 2) and Max Sport (5 channels in total). Championships such as NBA, NHL, PGA golf tour, speedway, NASCAR, UFC are broadcast on their air, which makes them extremely attractive.
All cable operators offer the two sports packages for a price of about BGN 10-12 per month.

The following table added information on the distribution of football championships on TV channels.

Premier League and Championship Bundesliga La Liga Series A League 1
BTV Action
Max Sport 2 Max Sport 3
Diema Sport
Diema Sport 2
New Sport
Eurosport 2 Max Sport 4
Sport + HD
Film +
Max Sport 2 Max Sport 3 Ring

* Data are for the 2020/2021 season


Frequently Asked Questions


Which online bookmakers offer live streaming of football matches?

You will find a live broadcast of football matches on the Efbet, Bet365 and 1xbet platforms.


Do I need to register to watch matches online?

To watch matches in a bookmaker, you will need to register in it. However, there are live stream sites without registration, which broadcast the most interesting sporting events of the day.


Is efbet League free online?

Yes, you can follow the matches from the home championship on the 1hbet site.


Where to watch the English Premier League for free?

The English Championship is not broadcast at any online bookmaker, but you can watch your favourite team on sites like Sport Lemon and Stream Hunter.


Which championships are broadcast in Efbet?

The Bulgarian betting platform broadcasts live matches of Serie A, Eredivisie and the German Bundesliga.


Conclusion and advice

Thanks to the betting sites and free online streams you get unlimited access to the matches of your favourite teams.
With the help of a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can watch sporting events even when you are on vacation, at work or travelling. You don't have to stare at the TV or pay monthly subscriptions for paid channels. Simply register on a betting site that offers a live stream, fulfil the conditions for starting the player and enjoy a quality picture.

We recommend that you update the flash player every month and find out about the speed of the Internet.
Apart from Efbet, 1xBet and Bet365, there is a live broadcast of the football on the MELbet website. You can watch live eSport events on the Winbet platform.
The availability of such a service facilitates live betting, which is becoming the preferred way to predict sports matches.

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