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Levante Vs Athletic Bilbao Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Levante Vs Athletic Bilbao Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Levante: strong attack, weak defense

In the Levante, no doubt, the initial difficulties were overcome and the right wax was felt.

They made an incredible series of 19 games in which they suffered only 3 losses. And that took them from 18th to 8th position in the standings.

Levante with 34 goals have the 5th strongest attack in La Liga. However, they also have the 5th weakest home defense.

But they still have a positive goal difference.

They enter the match after two consecutive meetings with Atletico Madrid, from which they came out with 4 points.

Although undeserved in general and mostly with luck.

Athletic Bilbao is a weak guest!

Athletic Bilbao have 3 unbeaten games in La Liga.

But they are a weak guest. Having only 2 wins from 11 championship visits.

Forecast for Levante - Bilbao

My only explanation for Athletic Bilbao being declared favorites in this match is the fact that in the last 4 direct meetings of La Liga they were the winners.

However, this is now a match for 6 points between the 8th and 10th in the fight for the 7th position.

The team that currently impresses more with its performances is that of Levante.

At the same time he does it against more difficult rivals from his last matches.

In addition, they are expected, albeit minimally, but still a positive goal difference from their upcoming households.

While for Athletic Bilbao as a guest these expectations are for over -3 goals.

This data is very useful. And they make me sure that Levante will not lose.

There is, of course, a danger of a draw, because they are the second team with the most draws.

But it can be seen that the Bookmaker himself is also quite confident in their goal in the match.

The combination of victory for the hosts and goals from both teams was appreciated in an incredible way. And it will be my choice.

A little above the average bet, because the chance is much above the minimum of 25% we need to succeed.

Mathematical forecast:

  • victory for Levante
  • security: 2/10
  • exact result: 1-0

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Levante have lost just 1 of their last 13 games: 5-7-1.
  • Levante have lost just 1 of their last 12 home games: 4-7-1.
  • Levante is in a series of 6 draws in the 1st Half .
  • Bilbao have lost just 1 of their last 11 games: 5-5-1.
  • Bilbao have lost just 1 of their last 8 visits: 4-3-1.
  • Bilbao have scored in their last 13 games.

Levante's last 5 games:

02/20/21 LL Atletico Levante 0: 2 P
02/17/21 LL Levante Atletico 1: 1 Р
02/14/21 LL Levante Osasuna 0: 1 З
02/11/21 CC Bilbao Levante 1: 1 Р
02/06/21 LL Levante Granada 2: 2 Р

Last 5 Athletic Bilbao matches:

02/21/21 LL Bilbao Villarreal 1: 1 Р
02/15/21 LL Cadiz Bilbao 0: 4 P
02/11/21 CC Bilbao Levante 1: 1 Р
02/07/21 LL Bilbao Valencia 1: 1 Р
02/04/21 CC Betis Bilbao 1: 2
(1: 1)

Last 5 direct meetings:

02/11/21 CC Bilbao Levante 1: 1
10/18/20 LL Bilbao Levante 2: 0
07/12/20 LL Levante Bilbao 1: 2
11/10/19 LL Bilbao Levante 2: 1
04/03/19 LL Bilbao Levante 3: 2

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