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Leo Messi will play at number 30 in PSG

Leo Messi will play at number 30 in PSG

Lionel Messi will play at number 30 in Paris Saint-Germain, although Neymar offered the 10th to the Argentine. In the French league, this number is usually worn by goalkeepers, but for a special occasion like Messi, Ligue 1 has no problem allowing him to wear it.

In his debut at the Camp Nou, Messi appeared on the field in the 82nd minute of the match against Espanyol with the number 30. The Argentine replaced Deco, after which he scored the winning goal. 17 years have passed since this important moment for Leo.

Messi will be officially unveiled on Wednesday as a new addition to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Argentine will speak to reporters at 12 o'clock at a press conference.

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