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Leicester vs Manchester City Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Leicester vs Manchester City Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Honestly, it rarely happens during a football weekend of the championships that we follow together with you, dear friends, that such curious matches are gathered in one day. Saturday's first destination is King Power Stadium, where the last edition of the FA Cup winners and Community Shield hosts Leicester City host champions Manchester City. Even more dramatically, "City" come out for revenge for the loss before the start of the season Wembley trophy from today's hosts in this 4th round of the Premier League.

Leicester made up for the lost place in the top three and played in the Champions League with two trophies - first FA Cup, and at the beginning of the new season against today's guests won the Community Shield, won after the 2016 championship for the first time in club history. Thus, this nice and modest team with serious financial opportunities shows that with proper work it can in the company of at least 6 greats in English football, from time to time wins and within five seasons they already have a full set of trophies. Of course, the main culprits for these successes in 2016 was Claudio Ranieri, and for the last two - Brendan Rodgers, obviously very valuable professionals with good performers on hand. The Foxes suffered a heavy defeat in the second round in London against West Ham with 1: 4, but with two minimal victories at home over Wolverhampton with 1:

Manchester City also have six points in their assets, which came after the two victories of the Etihad Stadium with 5: 0 over Norwich and Arsenal, but at the start, they had lost to Tottenham, already led by Santo Espirito with 0: 1 in London. We are all aware of the great potential of the "Citizens" led by Pep Guardiola, already with the England national, 25-year-old midfielder Jack Greenish in his ranks, a very creative and technical player with football imagination and technique in excess, "Heavenly - the blues are, according to many, stronger with one idea, we don't think what will happen when the injured de Bruyne, Mandy, Foden return to play ... The lost final match a little over a month ago will make the champions play for today. rematch, but in the long run, they are certainly more important - defending the title in a fierce competition and of course rematch in the Champions League,

Here are the results in the last three seasons - 2018 - 2019 - minimal victories for the hosts - Leicester with 2: 1 and Manchester City with 1: 0. In 2019 - 2020 two successes for the "Citizens" - 3: 1 at the Etihad and 1: 0 as a guest. Last season again exchanged victories, but for the guests - a huge 5: 2 for the Foxes and 2-0 for "City" at this stadium. In our opinion, the huge advantage with almost 4/1 for the champions is a bit exaggerated, the tips are five - for 2, under and over 2.5 goals, goal/goal yes and no. Although the 2nd is small compared to the realities, we still recommend it based on the last two households of Leicester - forecast 2nd and good luck

Easy to predict match

This is a match between at first glance two teams in the same form. With 6 points scored from 3 games played.

But now I'm going to show you how it can become easy to predict if we work a little harder on it.

Leicester is not playing well

In recent years, Leicester have gained a reputation as one of the factors in the English Premier League.

It is no longer a surprise if they are in the top 5 of the final standings. Nor if they take the scalp of any of the traditional Big 6s.

In this line of thought, I remember that last season they humiliated their rivals 5-2 at their stadium.

And at the start of the current campaign they beat them for the English Super Cup with 1-0.

Probably because of this or for some other reason, many of you, like me, sympathize with them.

Nothing bad. But is it worth looking for some kind of bet in their favor for this meeting?

My definite answer is NO. And see why.

First of all, in all three games played this season, Leicester lost xG data from their rivals.

And one opponent was Wolverhampton, who fought for survival last campaign.

And the other was the newly promoted Norwich.

The game performance of the Foxes was also unfortunate.

Leicester are the third team in the standings in the least created goal positions.

At the same time, 0.63 xGF ( expected goals ) against West Ham and 0.67 xGF against the Wolves are tragic indicators of their condition in attack.

In defense, an average of 1.68 xGA (expected goals conceded) is also an outright failure.

And now against the background of this picture, what confidence should I vote for them against the Champion?

Manchester City is impressive

I will start with the fact that Manchester City are the team that deserves to be the leader in the standings at the moment.

The discrepancy is due solely to their completely undeserved loss to Tottenham.

The citizens outplayed all their rivals in the xG data.

And they are also the team that has created the most and conceded the fewest goal positions of all in the Premier League so far.

However, this is nothing new. And it's just a kind of sequel to what was shown last season.

Prediction for Leicester - Man City

The bookmakers' assessment of Manchester City's victory in this match is too low, although highly probable.

But the combination I offer you is guaranteed to have a higher probability than the value requirements of at least 50%.

This gives me the confidence to use almost the maximum bet size for my prediction for Leicester - Man City.

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Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Leicester have won 4 of their last 5 games: 4-0-1.
  • Man City  is in a series of 48 games without a draw: 40-0-8.
  • Man City is in a series of 3 consecutive losses as a guest.
  • Man City have conceded a goal in 8 of their last 9 visits.
  • Jamie Vardy is Leicester 's top scorer in the league with 2 goals. Ferran Torres has 2 for Manchester City.

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