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Leicester grabbed first FA Cup trophy after Chelsea triumph

Leicester grabbed first FA Cup trophy after Chelsea triumph

Leicester won their first FA Cup trophy after beating Chelsea 1-0 in the final of the match, played at Wembley. Yuri Tillemans was the hero of the "foxes" in the dispute for the trophy, the drama was complete, as Chelsea's goal in the 89th minute was not counted due to an ambush.

The first more dangerous situation in the match was at the door of Kepa Arisabalaga. In the 16th minute Jamie Vardy intercepted a pass in the penalty area, but his shot was blocked by Reese James. 

In the 20th minute Tillemans centered from a direct free kick, but the header of Chaglar Soyuncu went over the door.

In the 23rd minute Mason Mount dealt with Soyunju, but the subsequent blow of the Englishman went past the door of Schmeichel. 

Shortly after half an hour of play, Thiago Silva tried to find a teammate in the penalty area, but Aspilicueta and Werner missed the ball. 

In the 34th minute, Brendan Rodgers made a forced substitution after Johnny Evans was injured and had to be replaced by Mark Albrighton. 

In the 42nd minute Soyunju overtook Thiago Silva, but his header again did not find the target. 

Three minutes later, Tillemans centered on the right in the penalty area, where Jamie Vardy hit with his head, but past the door of Kepa.

In the 53rd minute Schmeichel caught the ball after a header by Marcos Alonso. 

In the 63rd minute, the "foxes" took the lead in the result. Luke Thomas combined with Tillemans after a mistake in the delivery of the ball by Chelsea. The Belgian advanced and with a powerful shot from over 20 meters did not leave any chances to Kepa Arisabalaga. 

In the 78th minute, Casper Schmeichel scored an exceptional save after a header by Ben Chillwell. 

In the 83rd minute Rüdiger tried to shoot from a great distance, but his performance was quite disappointing. 

In the 87th minute Schmeichel once again kept his goalless goal with another brilliant save, this time disappointed Mason Mount. 

In the 89th minute Ben Chillwell scored the ball in the door of Schmeichel, but after the intervention of VAR the goal was canceled due to inches ambush.

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