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Leaving Messi could cost Barcelona 137 million

Leaving Messi could cost Barcelona 137 million

The end of Lionel Messi's adventure in Barcelona could cost the Catalans 137 million, according to the consulting company Brand Finance. This is 11% of the value of the club - 1 billion and 266 million euros.

This amount will come mainly from a drop in the club's trading income, which will fall by 77 million, as well as a drop in sales of T-shirts and other fan articles with the face and name of the Argentine. It will amount to 43m euros.

The third concept, according to which Barcelona will lose money, will be in the income per day for the match and the results on the field, with a drop of 17 million.

According to the report of "Brand Finance Football 50 2021", Barcelona is the second most valuable brand in football, ahead of only Real Madrid, which costs 1,276 million.

"Messi's presence in Barcelona has undoubtedly allowed the club to attract many fans, better players, managers, business deals, and also to win many trophies. Leaving him could cost the club a lot and cause a painful drop in the value of the Barcelona brand, "explained the company's CEO Teresa de Lemus.

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