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Kazakhstan - France Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Kazakhstan - France Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Kazakhstan is a mediocre team!

The government of Kazakhstan allocates huge sums of its budget for sports. Including football.

The big problem, however, is that football remains an unpopular sport in the country.

And if at the club level there are any flashes because of the many foreign players and coaches attracted by the high salaries.

The situation is not good with the national team, which relies mainly on local staff.

Kazakhstan are a team from the 4th football echelon. And their only successes are on the home stage.

But the credit is not so much for some of their football arguments.

As for the difficulties experienced by their rivals to visit here.

The result is an extremely unpleasant combination of a long transition, severe weather and hourly acclimatization.

As well as unpleasant terrain with artificial turf.

Even this, however, does not help the hosts much.

Whose only significant success was the victory over Scotland. As well as several episodic draws.

France is a furious beast!

France is now visiting Kazakhstan.

Which is a bit in the role of the "wounded beast" after the unfortunate and undeserved draw with Ukraine 1-1 after the first match.

In it, however, they showed that they are very strong in defense.

By allowing a goal from an accidental ricochet, without allowing the opponent to give them a single accurate shot for the entire match.

Forecast for Kazakhstan - France

It is clear that a second consecutive failure for France is almost impossible.

The only question that remains open is what bet to choose for their victory against Kazakhstan.

Options with any wins to zero and handicaps are possible, of course.

But I tried to imagine the match itself.

Roughly speaking, I guess barricaded hosts from the beginning of the match.

And active guests. However, they find it difficult to adapt to non-specific conditions.

At least there will be a goal of "class" reassurance, as they say in French jargon, until the break.

It will be followed by a quick earring from the incident with Ukraine.

As well as a bonus goal from a sudden reserve.

A small bet for this forecast.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Kazakhstan has not won in its last 6 matches: 0-2-4.
  • Kazakhstan is in a series of 5 households without a win: 0-1-4.
  • France have lost just 1 of their last 16 games: 12-3-1.
  • France is in a series of 6 consecutive victories as a guest.
  • France have recorded 5 clean sheets in their last 5 visits.

Last 5 Kazakhstan matches:

11/18/20 LN Kazakhstan Lithuania 1: 2 З
11/15/20 LN Albania Kazakhstan 3: 1 З
11.11.20 PS Montenegro Kazakhstan 0: 0 Р
10/14/20 LN Belarus Kazakhstan 2: 0 З
10/11/20 LN Kazakhstan Albania 0: 0 Р

Last 5 France matches:

03/24/21 SC France Ukraine 1: 1 Р
11/17/20 LN France Sweden 4: 2 P
11/14/20 LN Portugal France 0: 1 P
11.11.20 PS France Finland 0: 2 З
10/14/20 LN Croatia France 1: 2 P

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