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Karim Benzema in a candid interview: I only have one friend 

Karim Benzema in a candid interview: I only have one friend 

In a candid interview for El Pate, the striker and leader of Real Madrid after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo Karim Benzema recounts curious moments from his childhood and points out which athletes he admires: 

"I come from a neighborhood where things were difficult. When I saw older boys, well dressed and in nice cars, what I wanted was to be like them. I have never had idols, but rather role models. In football, this is Ronaldo, the Brazilian. I admire Tyson because we both came from the bottom and went up little by little. It was never easy for us, nor did we get anything ready, "Benzema commented. 

The Frenchman has been wearing the white T-shirt for more than a decade and now speaks openly about the club after the Cristiano era: 
"Leaving Cristiano allowed me to play a different role. He scored 50 goals every year and I had to adapt to his game. He is one of the best in the world and I was happy with him. " 
As for his personal life and character, Benzema wants to emphasize that he is not a cold man: 

"I have feelings, but I will never show my weaknesses, even if I have them. When I'm bad, I keep it to myself. 

However, he does not hide his dislike for racists: "This is disgusting, horrible and dirty. We are all the same. He added that "I have only one friend, which shows that friendship is very important to me." 

In the final, Benzema also commented on the debate over whether money gives happiness or not: "Money makes things a lot easier, but you don't need millions to be happy," concluded the Real Madrid goal scorer. 

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