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JP Morgan withdrew from the Super League project

JP Morgan withdrew from the Super League project

The company JP Morgan, financing the European Super League, withdrew from the project.

The US financial holding company has agreed to be the main sponsor of the tournament for an estimated £ 3.5 billion.

Widespread opposition from fans, players, clubs, associations and governing bodies led the "big six" of the Premier League to withdraw from the Super League, followed by Atletico Madrid, Milan and Inter.

And now JP Morgan has issued a statement confirming their withdrawal from the project. The company apologized for their misjudgment.

"Obviously we misjudged how this deal will be accepted by the general football community and what impact it would have on clubs in the future. In the end, football fans were clearly heard and that is the most important thing. We expected emotions. We have agreed to lend to our client, but it is not our job to decide which is the optimal way for football to exist in Europe and the UK. We will learn our lesson, "said a spokesman for JP Morgan.

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