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Joan Laporta is the new president of Barcelona (summary)

Joan Laporta is the new president of Barcelona (summary)

Joan Laporta is officially the new president of Barcelona. He received 54% of the vote.

Victor Font came in second with 30% and Tony Freisha received 9%.

30,184 of the Socios voted for Laporte.

For Victor Font - 16,679, and for Freisha - 4,769.

Joan Laporta was president of Barcelona from 2003 to 2010, and this will be his second term at the helm of the Catalan club.

Laporta's first reaction, after it became clear that he won the election, was related to the rematch in the Champions League against PSG: "We are going to Paris for a turnaround!"

Carles Puyol was one of the first to congratulate Joan Laporta on his election as president.

-----  According to preliminary data on the outcome of the elections in Barcelona, ​​the new president of the Catalans will be Joan Laporta. 

----- The voting for the new president of Barcelona, ​​which started at 10:00 Bulgarian time, ended at 22:00. The counting of votes is imminent and the new president of the Catalans will be announced about thirty minutes after midnight.

-----  55,676 is the number of votes cast at 21:00 our time. 

----- Former Catalan footballer and sports director Eric Abidal visited the ballot box at the Camp Nou to cast his vote. 

----- At 20:00. bg time the votes for a new president of Barça are already 53,624, ie 48.62% of the people who have the right to vote. 

-----  At 19:00. bg time 51,049 members of Barça voted, including those who sent their vote by mail. 

-----  At 18:00. Bulgarian time, 28,093 people voted. Another 20,663 votes were received by mail.

-----  The legendary Barça captain Carles Puyol went through the ballot box to give his vote on who should lead the club in which the Spaniard spent his entire career. "This is a very important election and the more people vote, the better," Puyol said after exercising his right to vote. 

----- Barça coach Joan Barbara has lodged her vote. Former Blaugranas player and Hristo Stoichkov teammate Serhiy Barhuan also indicated his election as club president. 

----- The   last president of the Catalan giants, who was arrested a few days ago for "Barsagate" Josep Maria Bartomeu, went through the ballot box to vote for his successor. Former Vice President Jordi Mestre also voted at the Camp Nou. 

-----  Basketball player Alex Abrins voted at Camp Nou headquarters, acknowledging that although he lived near the stadium, it was difficult for him to get there due to the influx of people who came to choose the new one. president of the club. 

----- The Spanish coach, who brought Barcelona the second treble in its history - Luis Enrique, appeared at the "Camp Nou" to vote for his favorite. 

-----  Former Barça player Bojan Krkic is another well-known figure who voted for a new president of Barcelona.

----- Former club president Sandro Rosell has cast his vote. Barça B coach Garcia Pimienta also named his preferred candidate.

----- The three candidates for the post have already gone through the ballot box to cast their ballots. Lionel Messi did the same . After him, Sergio Busquets gave his vote. 

-----  Shortly after Messi voted to exercise their right to vote, Serge Roberto, Jordi Alba and Ricky Puch passed through the ballot box at the Camp Nou. 

The election was supposed to take place earlier, but due to the pandemic it was postponed for today. Only Laporte is fighting for a second term from the candidates. He led the Catalans in the period 2003-2010. The new president of Barcelona will be in this position for the next 6 years.

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