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How to Make Money With Football Betting?

How to Make Money With Football Betting?

Sports or football predictions are an attempt by professional journalists, analysts, statisticians, athletes and just ordinary people to predict the outcome of a match. For example , in the Celta - Barcelona meeting, the Catalans look like a clear favorite, so it is more likely that the second team will win (W2). Anyone can make predictions, but only an expert is able to take into account many factors and minimize the risks of losing money from a bet. The 1960Tips team will help you become one of them.

It is not as easy to take into account all the factors as it might seem at first glance, because even in this example, everything may not go according to plan. If, for example, Barça releases a second squad, and the opponents are more motivated to win, everything can change in the other direction, so some specialists could play it safe and put the over 2.5 rate in this case. This means that more than two goals in total will be scored in the match. Naturally, if you delve deeper into the composition and review of previous football matches, it is safe to say that both teams have scorers. But here it is important to take into account the professionalism of the defenders and the goalkeeper's work, as well as find out in which stadium the football tournament will be held, because in bad weather the performance always decreases.

In general, to make predictions, only the presence of the Internet is enough. But in order to effectively predict and get real profit from this, you need to carry out colossal work, in which it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors before making a bet. Otherwise, the bettor will lose his money, and maybe even interest in football and other sports, which often happens to beginners.

Our team of specialists at 1960Tips is dedicated to setting the right direction for those looking to connect their lives with betting. With us, everyone will learn to find and analyze information, monitor matches and draw conclusions that will help in the future when making a prediction. For this, we have created our own Betting School , where everyone can take training for free and start betting with a high percentage of traffic.

What factors need to be considered

The success of a bet can be increased only after a deep analysis of the teams and obtaining as much information as possible about the upcoming game. But even painstakingly collected information cannot guarantee a win, it is important to professionally process and apply it. The ultimate goal of every bet is earnings. With a serious approach and initial assistance from specialists, you will quickly learn to analyze.

The analysis includes an integrated approach to a large amount of information by comparing which you can approach the match fully armed. But it is necessary to start, of course, from the basics - the basic designations of rates, which is what our first lesson on this link explains . Attention , looking ahead, it is worth noting that the most common mistake a beginner makes is trusting eminent clubs. Even the glorious Barcelona can lose, as, for example, in the match with Valencia .

1. Select an event

Experts recommend at the initial stages to choose the most famous teams for themselves in order to have an idea of ​​the composition and capabilities. This is the first step towards starting the analysis. Moreover, the choice should not be based on the principle "this is my favorite team, so I will choose it." This approach is wrong, because for stable earnings it is necessary to impartially evaluate all teams, devoting the same amount of time and effort to each.

2. Keep track of the calendar

This is the first place to start your analysis when you choose a match. Moreover, it is important not only to follow the schedule of the championship, but also to look at the entire calendar and the ratio of the importance of each match. Naturally, the Cup of the country will fade into the background before the Champions League. If first there is a cup match, and after a day or two there is a meeting in the Champions League format, then the coach may well put up a second squad or let the substitutes play so that the main players do not get tired of the Champions League. It is also worth looking at past games, because the team, having a bad tournament, will give all the best every time to break the losing streak.

3. Study the composition

The next step is to study the composition of both teams. Moreover, one should take into account not only the application for the match, but also the indicators of the players. You need to keep track of the upcoming confrontation and past games. It is advisable to regularly monitor the games in order to control the shape of the players, the players add in level and class, or, conversely, give up their positions. Even the age of the athlete and experience are important. Particular attention should be paid to the following points:

Disqualifications and injuries. The team becomes very weak in the absence of the main players, and without a leader it may even lose motivation.
Monitor transitions outside the transfer window. In some cases, the players continue to play in the team until the opening of the TO, already knowing that they will move to another club, but then the athlete's motivation is somewhat reduced.

Change of team. Sometimes it is possible to make a big mistake in the rate if one of the main players makes a transition to another team during the transfer window.

An athlete's playing time. Some players spend most of their careers not on the pitch, but on the bench. The players constantly on the pitch are clearly better prepared than the reservists.

In cases where the defense or the attack line is weakened, a bet on the total will be relevant. It is also worth contacting several bookmakers by the link to pay attention to the lines, or rather, to the individual indicators of the players: the goalkeeper's clean sheet or the scorer's total goals. The received information about the composition will greatly help in this case.

4. Sequence of wins / losses

This indicator speaks about the form of the team. You must study at least 10 recent games. But in this case, the conclusions from the statistics may be different, because the bad form of the team reduces the chances of success, but in any case, the series of defeats ends sooner or later. It is important to find the objective reasons for the series and determine their relevance for the next meeting. If a series of defeats is due to the injury of the main players, then you should wait until they return to the field, and then select the rate. To find the right bet, we recommend taking our second free lesson .

5. Derby

Warring teams, such as Arsenal - Manchester United , put a lot of effort into such principled meetings. The mood for the match can even outweigh previous failures, and fans are ready to forgive their club even for a losing streak for a victory. The derby atmosphere is especially imbued with those players who have played for the same club for a long time.

6. Match referee

Despite the fact that in the match we see a confrontation between two teams and two coaches, one of the main persons on the field may be the referee. Sometimes, a fan of distributing yellow cards can kick the main players off the field, thereby weakening the team, and tip the scales in the other direction. For tough and daring players, such referees are especially dangerous, so it is important to study the referee who will serve the match.

7. Evaluation of bookmakers

Naturally, the compiled coefficients cannot be the only factor on which to rely, but it is very important to take them into account. Sometimes changing the coefficients can help you find what was overlooked during the analysis phase. This will give an impetus to revise the news feed again and study the tournament layouts. Such information is available on the official team portals and sports resources.

8. History of head-to-head meetings of teams

Make predictions based on as many head-to-head meetings as possible. Sometimes there are opponents that are very uncomfortable for each other, so there may be many goals in the game or, conversely, a small number. This is very important, because often even favorites lose in a match with an uncomfortable opponent. The more meetings are analyzed, the more accurate the result will be. For example , in Le Classico between PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) versus OM (Olympique de Marseille) , the first team most often wins, but draws are not uncommon. Read more about the French derby in this article .

9. Venue

Naturally, the home pitch factor in home matches strongly encourages the hosts. An away match is always harder because of an unfamiliar field, other people's fans, and a different environment. Some teams have not lost home games for years, but they rarely win away. This is very important when analyzing the confrontation between two teams during information gathering.

10. Weather conditions

The tactics chosen by the coach in the match will necessarily change with changing weather conditions. When playing with a slippery ball, many football players try to inflict as many shots on goal as possible, because such balls are especially difficult for the goalkeeper to handle, but it is far from the fact that they will reach the goal. Therefore, a bet on horse total of shots on goal would be an excellent option.

11. News and information

A showdown within a club between athletes, fans, management or a mentor can greatly affect the athletes' performance. Rumors can spread in the press, adding negative background. It is also worth looking for information on the financial side of the issue. Only 20% of all teams generate income for their club, the rest are supported by sponsors and advertising. The financial side is especially important for clubs in the CIS countries.

12. Supporting information

Any additional information regarding the match will be up to date. If there is direct access to some kind of insider information, this will be a plus, but you should not trust the fraudsters on the network who sell such data. Any nuance can affect. For example, a leader may be mentally depressed and perform poorly due to the death of a loved one or a difficult divorce process.

Making your own forecast is real. After collecting as much information as possible, write it down and organize it. Naturally, at the first stages it may seem difficult and difficult, but thanks to the lessons of our Betting School, this process will become fast, understandable, fun, and most importantly - effective at the end. Do not be afraid to ask questions to our experts, because knowledge is power and, as a result, a winning rate.

Main thoughts to remember

Only step-by-step adherence to all the simple, but necessary rules when trying to predict the outcome of an event can bring success. This article will definitely be useful, but do not rush and start making bets, there are a few more points that will help in betting. The main points are the following:

We recommend starting with the first lesson of Betting School so as not to miss a single moment.

All factors that contribute to the correct pre-match analysis must be taken into account in a comprehensive manner.
Any additional information (exclusively from reliable sources) will be a huge plus.

It is important to write down all the information received in a thesis in order to form a general conclusion.

Do not trust unverified information. Better to use the free services of our Betting School and the help of a professional capper.

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